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Late Attendance

There is an understanding when you go to school. You are given a time when you must be at school, ready for class. If you do not get to school on time, more often than not, you are given detention and if the lateness is consistent you are brought to the principal’s office. Please take a seat in the principal’s office. I’m afraid you have been late for over 400 years….. In the last week or so I’ve seen a multitude of people, most of whom have never uttered a word on racism that they both participate in and benefit from, using Twitter and Instagram to “show solidarity” to black people. Whilst I’m sure these people think they are doing the work, like I said in my previous post , what is actually being done? It all feels a bit funky to me. Violence has been happening to black people for centuries and there has been silence. Why is it now people want to rally? What is the difference between then and now? Social media is truly a great tool. We are able to share aspects of our lives