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Don't Call it A Comeb(l)ack

There are no words...well there's more that there are no right words. How can there be right words when everything around you is so wrong?!

Of course you know what I'm talking about.

The continued violence against black people weighs heavy everyday. Story after story, hashtag after hashtag; it all feels too much. This weight - the weight of black blood we're forced to carry on our backs, is breaking us and if people don't want to see or understand that, you will be forced to. That's why you see protests and that's why you see looting, so before brandishing your judgement know that you are speaking from a place of safety. 

I'm keeping this short. I've deleted so much from what this post was originally going to be. I was going to list resource after resource for white people to refer to, but decided not to. It is not MY work to do. The internet is there so please use it, and along with sharing posts to show your solidarity, think about what steps you can take to actively change the system. Who are you calling out? What organisations have you signed up to that supports black people? How many black-owned businesses do you buy from? Where are you volunteering? How much have you donated? What active steps can you take, because if you are a true ally you know that overt racism isn't the only racism that exists. Covert racism is what black people experience daily, and YOU benefit from it. You cannot simply say you're not racist and wash your hands of this issue; you cannot "other" fellow white people and say they are the problem. Every single one of you must take responsibility for a system that was created for and by you. 

Self reflection is not an easy thing but it's not supposed to be. Personal growth is a life long journey but the work must be done, so do the work and use your privilege for actual change. 

This is probably the shortest blog post I've ever written, but suffice to say this little blog of mine is b(l)ack. Not sure how often I'll post but I love this space and hope to have further discussions on what's on my mind. 

'til next time. 



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