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I Need To Stop Shoulding Over Myself

There's a saying that I'm very much here for: 'Don't should all over yourself'. I don't know the origins (hit me up if you know), but I think it's one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard. The problem for me is that I very rarely practice this advice. I'm the first person to be everyone else's cheerleader, but often fail to be my own. As a shy introvert, I find it hard to shut off the brain that is constantly ticking over every decision and every event that happens, that I find myself standing still a lot of the time. I talked about taking the leap  in my last post and I've definitely improved with taking chances with certain things, but there's still a lot of other things I haven't had the confidence to do, and one of these is my blog. I have so many ideas and drafts for posts on topics I want to talk about, but for various reasons I haven't posted them. It might be that I don't think people will be interested or it