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Taking the Leap

We've all seen the movie: Our lead wants something and thinks about this thing all the time. People around our lead send positive vibes and encouragement to go for this thing, but our lead is scared to go for it. After some time something ignites our lead to take the leap and go for it. With a set-back or two our lead finally gets the thing and the screen fades to black with our lead beaming from ear-to-ear.......and we sit there as the credits roll with a warm glow, marvelling at the leads bravery and grateful that the lead wins in the end. But we all know that movies are not reality. You see, I took a leap quite recently and went for something I really wanted. It was something that had been on my mind for some time and I had done what our lead always does - I talked about it to a few trusted friends, and talked and talked and talked until it got to a point where there wasn't much else to say over time. It was a leap I had never taken before and I had talked myself out o