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A much as I love my style aesthetic, I have always wanted to, at times, step outside my comfort zone. It's not about wanting to move away from how I identify myself, nor the fear of falling into a rut, but more about mixing things up and maybe adding elements to my existing style. Fashion is like make-up: versatile with no restrictions other than those we put on ourselves. I'd been meaning to try trousers and jeans for a little while; particularly jeans as they can be worn with almost anything and they're so easy to style, it felt like a no brainer to look for jeans first. However, as much as you may plan, sometimes you see something you'd never thought of trying and your pupils go all heart-shaped - enter these trousers, designed by Bethany (of Arched Eyebrow) for Navabi.  Rose Print Blouse:   Gozzip for Navabi* Paperbag Trousers: Arched Eyebrow for Navabi* Ballerina Flats: New Look^ I'm really not one for trousers but, when Bethany