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Brexit & Trump-Dump Suck, So I Put On A Pretty Dress

Trying to get back into the swing of life has been hard over the last two weeks. In fact, this year has been one of the worst I can remember in recent history. I've lost count to the amount of public figure deaths we've had this year, and politically...well, its been one horror after the other.

I still can't quite believe the world we're living in today. I can't get my head around the choices that have been made on my behalf; choices I so passionately disagree with. It sounds naive, but I didn't see Brexit or Trump-Dump happening. I really didn't. The thing is, for the most part, we surround ourselves with like-minded people. People who share our views and perspectives on the most important things in life; the things that form part of our personal makeup. We have conversations and find a middle ground, we're alarmed at the same things and can't fathom how anyone else could feel differently. On social media we follow like-minded people and agree to rants about life and politics thinking how lucky we are to follow the "right" people.

But what both Brexit and Trump-Dump have shown is that I am part of the minority - we are the minority. There is a big old world outside of the bubble I choose to live in, and I guess I underestimated just how divided the world is on the most important issues that will affect us all for literally years to come. There's a dark road ahead for us, but even with that, you have to find a little ray of sunshine from somewhere. For me, one of my rays is clothes.

I headed to North London to see my friend, Hanna. We went for a lovely walk on the Heath and grabbed a bite to eat after. While on our walk, we stopped to take a few outfit pics. Regular readers will know that I adore polka dots so I couldn't resist nabbing this colourful 'Sprinkle of Glitter' polka dot dress from Simply Be. I teamed it with some wholly tights and a cardigan.
Dress: Sparkle of Glitter for Simply Be^
Cardigan: H&M
Tights: Boots
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins^

So yeah, the world is spiralling into a black hole, but it doesn't mean you can't look good while it happens!

'til next time!

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx

KEY: Symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available.


  1. I have missed your blog posts! I'm so glad you're back! :) Everything is awful right now, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to keep your head up. And pretty dresses is a great place to start. May I also suggest puppies and doughnuts. ;) xox

    1. Aww, thanks hun. :) I agree re puppies and doughnuts; I'm also going to add kittens and pizza to the list. Xx


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