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Simply (Be) Ready to Party!

Hi gang! I don't know about you, but when I'm getting ready for a party, I'm not the greatest at making a decision on what to wear. There's always the worry of dressing too smart, too casual, looking out of place, or having the same outfit on as someone else! In my minds eye, I need at least a week to decide if something I have in my wardrobe will be sufficient, or whether I'll need to order something I think will be perfect. Simply Be are one of my go-to places for such an occasion as there is always the option for a fast delivery, and there's always an array of items to choose from. When I saw this Short Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Dress , I thought "YESSSSS!" I had to have it, and was so pleased with the results:   Dress: Simply Be, on sale for £59.50! Shoes: Sole Dive (via Simply Be) Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market I feel like I've spent my life in polka dots, and this dress has them, but in a much more subtile way. The me