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Lady in (Summer) Red

Hi biscuits! It's no secret that I love buying items from Collectif , and when I usually buy a dress, I can't wait to head out in it, doing internal twirls as I go. However, this Colette Nautical Swing Dress was one I had been sitting on for a little while; since last year in fact. The thing that was sending my dress-loving self into a trauma was the cut at the bust. I'm not outrageously busty, but I am ample, so I was worried I'd have a little too much on show and would feel too self conscience wearing it. But then I had a thought "Life is too blooming short, so get those boobies out and do those internal twirls 'til your heart's content!" So that's what I decided to do! I literally only went to Tescos to do some shopping, but it was a good practice run for a summer day out in the near future. I felt great and happily bounced around the ice cream aisle without a care in the world.   Dress: Collectif Sandals: Dorothy Perkins^ Cardigan

Going Dotty for Dolly (Pt.2)

Hello folks! Well summer is well and truly here isn't it?! I'm typing this while congratulating myself for surviving the hottest day of year (so far) and not doing what I wanted to do, which was stay home in my underwear, cursing the sky. However, hot weather means there is a perfect excuse to bust out some of your best summer dresses, and this 'Penny Full Circle Polka Dot Dress' from Dolly and Dotty is ideal for getting through a hot day. If you didn't catch Pt.1 , Dolly and Dotty asked if I would like to review a couple of their dresses, and being a self-confessed polka dot addicted, I fell in love with this gem and couldn't wait to try it on. Dress: Dolly and Dotty (Very limited sizes available now)* Cardigan: H&M Shoes: Dorothy Perkins^ Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market I don't tend to wear pink, but this dark pink worked with the white polka dots as it broke up the otherwise block colour really well, and the darker shade meant