Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sheer Sparkle

Hi biscuits!

So it's been a while since I blogged an outfit. As I explained in my '2016 To-do List', I want my blog to have more content, but it will of course still predominately be about celebrating my style - particularly when the outfit is this gem...
Dress: Little Mistress (via Simply Be)^
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins^
Tights: Boots
Isn't this dress dreamy?! Like sparkle, flower petal, floaty princess dreamy?! I was looking for a New Year's outfit and decided to treat myself and bought three dresses. Although my plans in the end fell through and what I did instead was sit in front of the telly, eating pizza (which is obviously still a win), I couldn't bring myself to send this gorgeous dress back. I did initially fear when I opened it, that it would be a little too long, almost like a maxi dress, but it hits my pixie 5'1" height just above the ankles, so it's actually the perfect length.

I love the sheer, layered skirt that catches the wind really beautifully without fear of a Marilyn moment. But it's the top that makes the dress. How I LOVE the flower petal, mini pearl and sequin pattern! It is worth noting that one or two sequins have fallen off while putting on/ taking off the dress, but other than that the dress isn't too fragile. The back of the top is shirred (as are most Little Mistress designs) and with dresses like this, I always size down, sometimes twice, to make sure I have a good fit even after washing. 
The colours are ideal for spring/ summer so forgive me if I do nothing but live in this dress, altering my sandals and bag accessories along the way during those months. Who doesn't want to be a forever-a-five-year-old princess, in the sunshine?!

'til next time!

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx

KEY: Symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

One of my favourite things to do is escape. I used to do it quite a bit when I was young and still do it now as an adult. That feeling of leaving everything behind – the good and bad stuff, and just floating away to a world unknown, even if it’s for a little while. Escaping isn’t necessarily literal for me, and is in fact mainly achieved through reading, writing and doing things like go to the theatre.

I wish I went to the theatre more, but as it can be quite pricey it needs to be something more; it needs to be an experience. is just that, and the irony here is that it didn’t help me escape at all, but instead brought back all those adolescent feelings I had in a wave of wonder (pun intended!). is a modern day version of Alice in Wonderland and is set in London where the main character, Ali, is one all young girls will recognise. You see, Ali is sad. Ali is sad, confused, angry, frustrated, jealous, and desperately lonely. Her parents are separated, she feels she is second to her baby brother, she feels like her mother doesn’t understand her, wishes her father was a round more, and doesn’t have many friends at school – oh how so many of us can relate! She finds escapism through her phone and uncovers a game called, that allows her to become anyone she wants to be. She first has to create her character, so names her Alice, and she then has to pick how Alice is going to look. It’s worth noting that Ali is mixed race so goes the complete opposite of how she sees herself and how she thinks others see her, so she chooses the traditional Alice from the book we all know so well: white, blonde, blue-eyed, slim, pretty, and petite – the very appearance society deems worthy and which we should all aspire to be. The characteristics she chooses for Alice are again, the socially aspirational and those Ali does not see in herself: popular, smart, funny, loveable, etc; and so Alice is created.

Ali becomes consumed by Alice, and with each adventure she slowly finds that maybe they’re so not different after all….but there’s danger lurking in the form of a teacher who confiscates Ali’s phone, and is so hell bent on power that she will stop at nothing to rule not just the school, but also Ali’s Alice (Queen of Hearts, anyone?). As the story comes to a close and the Alice Ali has created starts to get tainted and darkened by the teacher, Ali has to decide who she wants to be – to be the girl in the game or to be herself. first peaked my interest when I heard Damon Albarn was involved. Not only is he one of the creators, he also curated the music. Blur was (and still are) one of my favourite bands, and I have followed Damon’s career post Blur, so I was really excited to hear that he was going to be part of a visually stunning and story strong theatre production. The production is truly a wondrous spectacle and below are a few pictures taken during the press show (All photos by Brinkhoff/ Moegenburg):
I wasn't lying when I said visually stunning, was I?!

Along with being very relatable regarding how we felt/ feel about our place in the world and our relationships, also puts the spotlight on modern media and our obsession with always wanting to be “plugged in”. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, online magazines, and a host of other virtual luring’s, have become part and parcel of how we live our lives. There’s this thing called F.O.M.O – Fear of Missing Out; we have this constant need to check all news worthy apps on our phone because we don’t want to be the one who “missed out”. But what about the things we’re missing out on when we’re on our media run? We’re missing out on physical, human interaction; we’re missing out on calling a friend or family member; we’re missing out on meeting up with a loved one; we’re missing out on going for a walk; we’re missing out on reading a book….basically, there’s so much more we could be doing and much more we could be filling our lives with.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an easy trap to fall into, but I have become more and more conscience of my social media participation, and have definitely used it less in recent months, particularly Twitter which I used to be on almost constantly. I’m lucky to have a large park near me so go for walks whenever I can and if I don’t leave my phone at home I’ll certainly put it on silent. There’s more I could do, but it’s a start.

I guess that’s what I loved so much about, it really makes you think about your intake and on ways you can change even if it’s a little bit. The story was indeed poignant, but accompanied with beautiful and emotive musical numbers, a fantastic cast, a colourful and bright set, and a participant audience, it was one of the best theatre experiences I’ve ever had. A huge well done to everyone involved – I really hope the run is extended.  

'til next time!
Isha xxx

** is being shown at The National Theatre until April 30th. The running time is 2 hours and 15 minutes, including one interval.**

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Winter Lace

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you're all well and the new year is treating you good so far.

This outfit is way overdue due to the shorter daylight, but I finally managed to take a few pictures of this gorgeous dress during one of my lunch breaks. Last year, the lovely folk at Navabi got in touch with me to see if I wanted to review something from their site. I of course jumped at the chance and proceeded to find difficulty narrowing my lust list down. In the end I went for this stunning lace, fitted mini dress.
 Dress: Navabi^*
Cardigan: H&M (Burgundy currently out of stock)
Leggings: South (via Very)^
Scarf: Dorothy Perkins^
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins^
I wore this for an average day at the office, but as you can see, it's a hot little number and would not look out of place at a party or fancy dinner - just swap the leggings for tights, the flats for some cute heels, and leave the cardigan at home for and sexy, stylish evening outfit. And that's what I love about this dress, it can be worn for most occasions. I love garments which are versatile; I don't like buying too many items that are only wearable in certain circumstances.

As you know, I'm not a fan of black, on black, on black, on black, so if I do find a dress I love, it has to have a little extra to it; that's why I love the lace detail on the dress, particularly on the neckline as it breaks the block of black up nicely while still staying true to style. I try to avoid dresses with a high neck, as for me, it makes me look even more dinky than I already am, but again, the lace without the underlay, makes it work. The length is perfect for my height and the fit is truly great. I often find fitted dresses are really ill-fitting if you have a few lumps and bumps, but the cut is just right and accommodates my tummy and butt with ease.
Throwing this one in as although it's a candid pic, it has me smiling which I know is rare on my blog :)

I teamed the dress with my favourite cardigan (I just love the colour!) and a newish pair of flats I found while treading water after work one evening. Oh, and I threw in the scarf because it's flipping winter, but also because it goes so well with the cardigan. A winter warmer outfit with a bit of sass. Thanks Navabi!

'til next time crazy cats!

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx

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          Symbol * denotes a gifted item

Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 To-do List

Hello 2016!

I know people say this every year, but goodness the time has flown by. Another year has passed and a new year is now upon us with a plethora of ambition and opportunities just waiting to be grasped. I know there are those whom wish to keep their goals for 2016 to themselves, and that's obviously fine, but I like to start a new year on my blog discussing the things I'd like to achieve with this fresh start. I'm really not one for resolutions at all, but I love writing lists; a to-do list is exactly the kind of thing I like to start a new year with - no pressure, just a friendly reminder of the things I'd like to do. In no particular order....

  • Blog more: The trouble with wanting to be a blogger who likes to take outfit pics as and when I wear said outfit, is that there is not always someone around to take those pictures for you. I don't have a friend close by to do my  photos or a boyfriend to lend a helping hand; I literally ask the few people whom I trust as and when I feel confident enough to ask them. The solution to this is to buy an tripod. That way, I can take pictures at my leisure without having to rely on anyone to be patient enough to deal with my "Oh, can you take a few ore please?". I hope to be more present with blogging for 2016. 
  • Be more experimental with my style: I certainly have no desire to throw away my current style in favour of another, but I would like to see what else I can do with different looks and garments - I may even try pants! I'm very much a dress and skirts kind of girl, but I know I have more to offer and look forward to exploring that in the new year. 
  • More post variety: I did this quite a lot last year and want to continue being more than just a style blog. I have lots of things I love talking about and will integrate book reviews, beauty posts, and more personal and detailed posts in the coming months.
  • Get back into running: I need to get back into running. I loved it when I was training last year and miss it now I'm no longer doing it. It's not a weight loss thing and never has been, but I genuinely feel better within myself for being active rather than running out of breathe when climbing a flight of stairs!
  • Get back into volunteering: I used to volunteer loads before life and work got in the way, but I really want to start volunteering again. I love it and it's a good and selfless thing to do. Sparing a few hours in my week will be nothing but an honour if it means helping others. 
  • Photograph more: Other than IG, I hardly ever go out with my cameras anymore. I don't know if it's because I now associate it with my ex or if I've just become lazy, but photography is such a big part of my life and I've missed it. I need to head out more when I have a free evening and take pictures like I used to. 
  • Write my thoughts down more: Because holding things in only rots you from the inside out. 
  • Know my worth: I spend way to much time thinking about what others think of me, and it's exhausting. The thing is, I'm a frigging awesome person! Am I perfect? No, of course not because no-one is. I know I have made and will continue to make mistakes, but I know that I'm a really good person who loves and cares about people almost unreservedly (because everyone has a line). I think too much about giving the wrong impression, upsetting people and more often than not I put others before myself. Now, I'm not saying there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but I forget about myself a lot - A LOT, and I don't think that's the right way. I have to find a balance between caring about myself as well as others. Because of this, I seem to chase a lot. I'm always the first one to message, the first one to call, the first one to ask if someone is ok, the first one to cancel plans if it means someone being on their own, the first one to apologise, the first one to confront an issue, the first one who tries to resolve an issue; and although I am "a fixer" (because, y'know, I give a shit), I can't help but wonder if the person or persons on the other end of that, would bother. Would they/ do they care as much as I do? I need to realise who to leave behind and who to hold on to. To value myself and let those who don't fall by the waste side.
It's a short list, but an important one to me and I hope to tick as many of these things off as I can.

I wish you all heaps of happiness, adventure, good health, love, friendship, and good vibes in 2016 - it's going to be a good one, kids!

'til next time!

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx