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Find It In Everything: Autumns 2016

A few days late as Winter has already started, but here it is, my final Find It In Everything post for 2016. It's a collection of some of my favourite pictures from my favourite time of year: Autumn. There's a lot of trees and general greenery here as I love the transition in colours during the Autumn  months. It's all so very beautiful and I hope you like the photos :) I think the last picture is my favourite. I love photographing at night and the Christmas lights look a little magical, don't they?! Speaking of Christmas; however you are spending it and whomever you are spending it with, have a great break....if you're fortunate enough to have one! 'til next time. Love and hugs, Isha xxx

Polka Dots and Batman!

It's not a title you'd think would necessarily go together, but yes, polka dots and Batman did indeed happen on my latest trip to Nottingham to see the lovely Charlotte. I have talked at length on my blog about how much I love both Nottingham and Charlotte, and in the past I've only headed down for the day. This time, however, I stayed for two days and it was a glorious time. I love exploring a different part of Nottingham whenever I go back, and this time was no exception because WE WENT TO BATMAN'S HOUSE! This will mean nothing to you if you're not into graphic novels or the Batman franchise headed by Christopher Nolan, but this house is the very one used in Batman Begins. I literally couldn't stop grinning as we walked up the pathway and took many pictures from each and every angle. It's such a breathtaking building; irrespective as to whether or not you like the Batman movies, you can't deny the architecture is simply stunning. I'll only post a

Brexit & Trump-Dump Suck, So I Put On A Pretty Dress

Trying to get back into the swing of life has been hard over the last two weeks. In fact, this year has been one of the worst I can remember in recent history. I've lost count to the amount of public figure deaths we've had this year, and politically...well, its been one horror after the other. I still can't quite believe the world we're living in today. I can't get my head around the choices that have been made on my behalf; choices I so passionately disagree with. It sounds naive, but I didn't see Brexit or Trump-Dump happening. I really didn't. The thing is, for the most part, we surround ourselves with like-minded people. People who share our views and perspectives on the most important things in life; the things that form part of our personal makeup. We have conversations and find a middle ground, we're alarmed at the same things and can't fathom how anyone else could feel differently. On social media we follow like-minded people and agree to

I Remember It Well

Summer is now a distant memory, but these photos are filled with happy memories of a day in Nottingham with my dearest Charlotte . I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really love Nottingham. It's only two hours away from London but it feels like a different world. It's a city, but really quaint and quiet compared to London. Myself and Charlotte always have the best time and I seriously need to make plans to visit for longer than a day. These photos were taken from my last trip during the summer and I love the way Charlotte photographs me. I feel so comfortable with her and our sessions are always filled with laughter.   Skirt: Joy^ Top: Dorothy Perkins^ Cardigan: H&M Sandals: Dorothy Perkins^ This outfit is a summer's dream: Light colours, airy fabric, fun and whimsical. The skirt is the standout here and I also have it in Navy because why buy a fab skirt in one colour when you can get it in two?! Joy don't do plus size clothes

Find It In Everything: Summer 2016

Yesterday marked the final day of summer, and you know what that means....AUTUMN IS HERE! Glorious, wonderful, splendorous, autumn. I can't wait to take snaps of my favourite season, but for now, here's my summer edition for Find it in Everything : I enjoyed summer this year and I think that's reflected in my photos. Hope you enjoyed! 'til next time. Love and hugs, Isha xxx

I Will Rise

There's never a right or articulate way to say you've been in a funk, but I have indeed been in a funk. I haven't blogged in a while because I've been questioning my style a lot recently and haven't really known what to do about it. I made a promise to myself when I started blogging and that was to stay true to myself and to always be myself. It would have been fake to blog knowing that I wasn't feeling right within myself. I love reading blogs. Reading blogs has given me so much strength to be unapologetic about my body and how I choose to dress it. Blogging has been a vehicle for so many bloggers and non-bloggers, to find confidence and to stand side-by-side together in support. This is a big reason why I still enjoy blogging, and even if/ when I stop, I know I'll still read blogs and get a mass amount of joy doing so. But for me, a downside has crept in. That little voice inside questioning whether my style was worth blogging about. If you know my blo

Simply (Be) Ready to Party!

Hi gang! I don't know about you, but when I'm getting ready for a party, I'm not the greatest at making a decision on what to wear. There's always the worry of dressing too smart, too casual, looking out of place, or having the same outfit on as someone else! In my minds eye, I need at least a week to decide if something I have in my wardrobe will be sufficient, or whether I'll need to order something I think will be perfect. Simply Be are one of my go-to places for such an occasion as there is always the option for a fast delivery, and there's always an array of items to choose from. When I saw this Short Sleeve Embroidered Mesh Dress , I thought "YESSSSS!" I had to have it, and was so pleased with the results:   Dress: Simply Be, on sale for £59.50! Shoes: Sole Dive (via Simply Be) Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market I feel like I've spent my life in polka dots, and this dress has them, but in a much more subtile way. The me

Lady in (Summer) Red

Hi biscuits! It's no secret that I love buying items from Collectif , and when I usually buy a dress, I can't wait to head out in it, doing internal twirls as I go. However, this Colette Nautical Swing Dress was one I had been sitting on for a little while; since last year in fact. The thing that was sending my dress-loving self into a trauma was the cut at the bust. I'm not outrageously busty, but I am ample, so I was worried I'd have a little too much on show and would feel too self conscience wearing it. But then I had a thought "Life is too blooming short, so get those boobies out and do those internal twirls 'til your heart's content!" So that's what I decided to do! I literally only went to Tescos to do some shopping, but it was a good practice run for a summer day out in the near future. I felt great and happily bounced around the ice cream aisle without a care in the world.   Dress: Collectif Sandals: Dorothy Perkins^ Cardigan