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Find It In Everything: Autumn 2015

It's time for another addition of Find it in Everything . This time we're celebrating Autumn as Winter officially starts today. I won't bang on about how much Autumn is my favourite time of year because I tend to do that a lot ;), but it hasn't really felt like Autumn as the temperatures have been unusually high for this time of year. I still managed to get a whole host of photos and below are some of the ones I love the most: I think these pictures prove that Autumn is the best season of the year! 'til next time! Isha xxx


This post is about me harking back to a time when I didn't feel my life was under threat from being blown away by the pesky wind with my pixie 5'1" frame. Although winter doesn't officially start until next week, the transition is in full swing with temperatures falling almost daily, and I've been doing all but hold onto lamp posts to prevent a whisked up in a tornado scenario ala The Wizard of Oz!  It's taken me ages to post this outfit despite wearing it some time ago. I headed out for the day "up North" to Camden with my dear friend Shel. It was for a general potter but also to buy some jewellery Shel had been recommended by a work colleague. I kept my purse firmly in my bag (which is an achievement in itself) and was instead happy to walk around the various stalls admiring everyone's craftsmanship while wearing this:    Dress: Collectif^ Cardigan: H&M Leggings: New Look Sh