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Berry Navabi

A little while ago I got an exciting email from Navabi. It was an email announcing they would soon be releasing their Autumn/ Winter collection and wondered if I'd like to attend an event to mark the occasion. I of course jumped at the chance and had a wonderful and fun night with the Navabi team and my fellow bloggers - you can read more about the event via Navabi's blog. 

The night itself was a pleasure, but the icing on the cake was when they told those in attendance that we could pick any item from their new collection. We were, as you can imagine, super excited to run to the rails they had, to pick a gifted piece. The trouble was there was so much to pick from as the collection was just stunning! There was an array of coats which a lot of my fellow bloggers went for to welcome the colder months, but I'm a fancy dress kinda girl so when I saw this gem in Berry there really wasn't much else to think about. 
Dress: Navabi^
Leggings: New Look
Belt: Dorothy Perkins*
Shoes: Simply Be*
Now, the beaming smile on my face is for two main reasons. One for how much I felt utterly comfortable in the dress, but also because the dress has pockets! The holy grail for all us dress loving babes is finding a dress with a little bit of functionality, and pockets are so very rare in dresses and skirts and I can't think why. The pockets on this beauty are designed so well and scoop in an almost U shape so they're deep but not bulky; they also add a little extra to the dress and makes your silhouette even more defined - I love that! The dress is made from micro fine stretch jersey, so is incredibly comfortable and versatile. I've worn this twice now and have felt great all day in it. The fabric is breathable and flexible, and I love the drape detail of the neckline.
I wanted to break up the block colour so added a black and gold belt. I love the dress as it is but think the belt is a really good addition to complete the outfit. 

I will be getting full use of this dress and will definitely be wearing it all year round.

'til next time!

Love and hugs, 
Isha xxx

KEY: Symbol * denotes an item no longer available.
          Symbol ^ denotes a gifted item. 


  1. I think you did a great choice. :) You look amazing in your dress. :) xx

  2. You look so pretty! Really loving that belt. So bold and glam

    Umber x

  3. Love this on you hun you look amazing! That colour is perfect for you! P.S Hope to see you soon x

  4. I like this dress..and the belt it's a really blast!





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