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Berry Navabi

A little while ago I got an exciting email from Navabi . It was an email announcing they would soon be releasing their Autumn/ Winter collection and wondered if I'd like to attend an event to mark the occasion. I of course jumped at the chance and had a wonderful and fun night with the Navabi team and my fellow bloggers - you can read more about the event via Navabi's blog .   The night itself was a pleasure, but the icing on the cake was when they told those in attendance that we could pick any item from their new collection. We were, as you can imagine, super excited to run to the rails they had, to pick a gifted piece. The trouble was there was so much to pick from as the collection was just stunning! There was an array of coats which a lot of my fellow bloggers went for to welcome the colder months, but I'm a fancy dress kinda girl so when I saw this gem in Berry there really wasn't much else to think about.   Dress: Navabi ^ Leggings: New Look B