Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Although The Sun Sinks Into Darkness; There's Always Sparkle, Even In The Darkest Hour

Pretty long title, but I was feeling quite poetic last night as I was thinking about what to call this post. It's homage to my favourite time of year - Autumn. It has always been the perfect season for me and I would love it if we had this weather all year round, but alas, it's only a short bliss. As much as the title is unusual for me, so is this outfit. I have made no secret in holding more than slight umbrage for a full on black outfit. I love colour and tend to express myself through my clothes, which is why it black is scarcely in my wardrobe. 

It would take a gem of a dress to break this, and Vivien of Holloway delivered.....well, they delivered some time ago as I bought this dress a couple of years ago but had never worn it (re see above). It was relaxing in the back of my wardrobe while I spun around in colourful dresses without a care in the world. I came across it while I was having another clear out and scorned myself for leaving it unloved for so long. How could I have done such a thing? It's flipping gorgeous!
Cardigan: H&M (Brown not available online but should be in store)
Belt: Simply Be^
Sandals: New Look^
This halterneck dress is from their Luxury range and I bought it during one of their in-store sales. I love how the intensity of the black satin is broken up by the lace overlay. The neckline is super feminine and the nip in the waist is great for a belt accessory. Other accessories included my dark brown cardigan and the most beautiful of beaut sparkly sandals. I adore this outfit and although I may change the footwear with the temperature dropping, a pair of fab ankle boots will have me walking through the multicoloured leaves with joy.

'til next time.

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx

KEY: Symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available.


  1. This dress is beautiful! I can't believe it's been sat untouched in your wardrobe for so long - it's stunning on you!

    C xx

    1. Thanks so much, Charlie. I know, I really should root through my wardrobes more - bet there's a ton of things I'd find. :) x

  2. That dress is stunning! I love the print and how it flows around your hips, you look gorgeous!

    Katt M

    1. Thanks Katt. It's a gem of a dress and I love the lace overlay. That's what makes it for me. :) x