Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lime Wedge

So you know when you have an outfit planned for the next day and you refuse to believe the weather will affect your outfit choice? Well, this was one of those days. I had the perfect summer outfit for these shoes, but alas, the heavens opened and I was left with nothing to do but take pictures of these gorgeous wedges in my soggy garden. 
Shoes: Evans* (lime currently out of stock, but gold ones here)

The first thing to say is that I am the worst person in heels. I can't walk more than a few feet in them, but if you're like me, wedges are the go-to shoe for that little extra height without fear of breaking your ankle! These fabulous wedges from Evans are so extremely comfortable because they are wider fit and have a lovely cushion on the forefoot to protect your feet from being sore from walking all day. The wedge gives support, but the sling-back with an adjustable strap design make your feet feel even more secure. 
The colour is so lovely and screams summer to me and I didn't hesitate picking these out when I was asked if I'd like a pair to review. Despite loving the colour I did worry that I wouldn't have enough clothes in my wardrobe to go with them, but they really do go with so much so I needn't have worried at all. 

Evans are one of the few brands who really go out of their way to help design clothes and shoes to cater to the fashionable plus size girl, and often reach out to customers for ideas on how they can improve and make the brand even better. That's what every customer wants - to be listened to. Check out the rest of their shoe collection and prepare to take out your credit card! 

'til next time.

Love and hugs,
Isha xxx

KEY: Symbol * denotes a gifted item.


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  2. The main thing to say is that I am the most exceedingly awful individual in heels. I can't walk more than a couple of feet in them, however in the event that you're similar to me, wedges are the go-to shoe for that minimal additional stature without apprehension of breaking your lower leg!