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Find It In Everything: Spring 2015

Saturday marked the official start to Summer, so it's time for another edition of ' Find It In Everything ' - Spring. Bar the odd heatwave it hasn't really felt like spring, but it of course didn't stop me from taking loads of pictures. Below are some of my favourites: There'll be another at the end of Summer! 'til next time. Love and hugs, Isha xxx

Feminine – the other F word

I was recently featured in an article by Katharine McEntee , for Bustle, entitled ' 15 Feminine Fashion Bloggers Who Use Their Traditional Sartorial Femininity In Empowering Ways '. It got me thinking about the way I define myself and my style, but also how I feel about seemingly falling into society's ideal of how a woman should dress.  'Dress' being the key word here because I practically live in dresses, and have done for the last handful of years or so, but it hasn’t always been that way. My mental state when I was in my teens and early 20’s, in regards to my body, was in a bad way. I hated the way I looked and hated that I did not fit into the media’s ideal of how a young teenager/ woman should look like. I was already at a disadvantage being black, but then I had to contend with my body growing little by little as I got older – and not in the good way. My hips widened, my tummy grew along with my upper arms and thighs and it didn’t matter what I

Blue & White, Alright

I wore this outfit a few Saturday's ago for a trip to Borough Market.  What's so great about this dress is that it looks like two separate pieces. The top half is almost designed as a crop top with a slight overhang over the skirt, but it's actually one piece with the two parts connected with a cotton underlay. Such a cleaver design and perfect for a Spring afternoon in the sun.    Dress:  Dorothy Perkins^ Cardigan:  H&M Leggings:  South (via Very ) Shoes:  Next^ Bag:  George at ASDA* I love the casual simplicity of this outfit, but the embroidery along the bottom panels bring a touch of something fancy. Dorothy Perkins are one of the first places I go when I want a cute dress that's light and comfortable, and this one doesn't disappoint. The dress is 100% Cotton and incredibly airy so I had no trouble weaving my way through the hustle and bustle of a food market, particularly over the weekend.  I decided to wear my cute plimsole t

Stranger In The Night

Hello! No, I didn't go into early retirement, haha. You know when you get to a point where life just gets ahead of you and you just loose track? Well that has been me for the last few weeks, but I'm back with the most fabulous number.   Dress:  Voodoo Vixen Shrug:  eBay Tights:  Boots Flats:  Dorothy Perkins^ Do you remember this post way back when? Well in said post I mentioned I had bought two Voodoo Vixen dresses - this is the second. I've worn this dress so much recently and you can see why: lots of colour, a great cut and length, and perfect to dress down into a Spring (yes, it's still Spring!) sandal and shade wearing outfit. On this occasion I decided to dress it up a little with a shrug and some cut peep-toe flats. I don't know why people are under the impression you can't wear tights with peep-toe shoes; I personally love it and think the look works really well with the dress. I love the little bows at the end and the touch of g