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It’s OK to be an Introvert

I’ve always wanted my blog to be more than pretty dresses and make up (although I do love the simplicity of it), and I have written personal and conversational pieces in the past - and here’s another. I love writing and getting my thoughts out in the hope that I’m not alone in this vast world. So today I want to talk about a personality trait that has been imbedded in me since birth (probably). Hi, I’m Isha and I’m an introvert. I have always been a really shy person and have always mostly enjoyed being in my own company without guilt, but there has always admittedly been a little voice in my head asking if maybe I would like things to be different.... How do I really feel about being an introvert? Most of my friends are extroverts and incredibly social and will literally talk to anyone. I love this about my friends and is indeed a huge reason why I gravitated towards them in the first place. However, I can honestly say that I’m not envious of this trait. The thing is

Pixie Goes Running

So last Saturday, I did the Electric Run . I t was my first ever run and it’s really nerve racking putting yourself in a situation you’ve never experienced before, but it was one of the best things I’ve done! I’m not really into telling people the dos and don’ts as I think everyone needs to find their own path of doing things in a way that’s comfortable for them, but for me, I wish I had trained more. I started my training well after the New Year and as someone who did next to no exercise before; I should have started a few months before I did. It was something that I was really worried about, but when the run finally started, I found that the ratio of runners and walkers quite startling. I’d say it was a 70%/30% split with the 70% being walkers. I personally ran some at the start, walked during the middle, and ran at the end. I didn’t think I would run at the end but there’s something about knowing you’re about to reach your goal that gives you an extra boost of energy, and I definit