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Pick A Pocket In Blue

Another vintage number for you guys and this one is utterly lovely. I've found a new haunt to shop for vintage goodies and best of all, they're all so cheap! It's so hard nowadays to find genuine vintage items for prices of old so I was super happy when I found this dress. I always try to find the origins of a vintage item but it was difficult with this one, late 80s was the closest I could get. It's also a good indication with elastic as that didn't really come to the forefront of dress fashion until 70s/80s, so I'm pretty confident with that date.  Dress:  Vintage Tights:  Boots Shoes:  Simply Be I absolutely adore the blue. Royal blue is my favourite colour and this is a little darker with more sheen. Blue really is becoming quite prominent in my wardrobe and I'm always surprised at how well it goes against my skin tone. The features of the dress are great too. The buttons are awesomely bulky, the flowers are made of rich colours, and a

Oh So Creamy

There are so many ridiculous "rules" us plus size ladies are told. We can't wear this and we can't wear that, but guess what? We can wear whatever we like! Amongst those farcical "rules" is the caution of wearing white or cream. It's true, they are not forgiving shades and  will  show everything you've got and more, but there's nothing wrong with that. The only thing that matters is how you feel in the outfit you've got on, and I felt great in this cream and black beaut. Dress:  Lovedrobe (via Simply Be)^ Belt: Dorothy Perkins^ Leggings:  South (via Very ) Necklace:  Tatty Devine^ Boots:  Dorothy Perkins^ These pictures were taken on a not so glorious day, but the dress is so perfect for spring. Dark colours attract the sun and as someone who hates to feel overheated, having as many lighter shade items as I can get, is a must. I also find that lighter shades work so well on those with a darker complexion and my skin tone s

Shimmering Bronze

You know the song 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend'?, well I've never plugged into that notion. I love a different kind of shimmer - sequins. Whether it's a skirt, top or dress, nothing says glamour like a little sequin number. I bought this amazing pencil skirt last year during the festive season and literally couldn't wait to put it on and create this fun, sexy and sophisticated look with it: All items: Dorothy Perkins^ This is one of my favourite recent looks and I'm finding myself more in love with showing off my silhouette. The skirt has a thin underlay so the sequins don't rub against your skin (there is nothing worse!), and the elastic waist means you can wear it as high or as low as you want. Mixing fabrics and textures can be tricky, but I think the outfit works really well; the subtle 3D spiral pattern of the jumper ensures the skirt is the standout piece, dripping with glitz and glamour. The sandals are a nice t

Liebster Awards 2015

So I received a lovely surprise last night and found out that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award. The award is designed so people can get to know blogs they may not have come across before, and to spread the blogger love by passing nominations onto some of your favourite lesser known bloggers. I was nominated by lovely Vicky from The Randomness of Twee  who set all three of her nominations a set of eleven questions. Below are my answers..... 1. What inspired you to blog? I started reading blogs before I started blogging, but it wasn't until I saw a magazine article with Georgina and Sian where I felt like I really wanted to create something of my own. I found their words incredibly empowering and even though I hadn't even met them, I felt their conviction to my core and I just had to plug into that. I've never looked back and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.  2. Who are your favourite bloggers? Gosh, there are so many, to