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A Postcard From Paris

Last month I was lucky enough to run away to Paris for the day. I love Paris. I'm a huge nerdy fan of architecture and Paris is an embarrassment of riches, so I never need an excuse to cross the channel. However, I've never gone for just a day before and wondered how I would find it. Having been there multiple times already though, I found that the day was a perfect length of time to soak in another culture, enjoy the winter sunshine and devour yummy food. 

We had an early start - 7.55AM was our train time but when you're with great company, the two and a half hours fly by. When we arrived we went straight to my favourite building in Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral . It is, to put it simply, one of the most stunning buildings I have ever seen. Everything about it is breathtaking whether inside or out:

We then just pottered around, ate a hearty meal and then headed to Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop. It's literally my favourite bookshop because it's old, creaky and traditional, with little nooks and crannies filled to the brim with wonderful literature. Shakespeare is one of my adored literacy loves, so I almost feel like this bookshop is my little home away from home. 

Our next stop was the Eiffel Tower. Now, one thing I have never done was go up the tower; not because I'm afraid of heights but because all the other times I have gone, the queues have been hideous. I don't know if it was the bitter cold or the fact that we went on a weekday, but the queue was virtually non-existent. WIN! I absolutely loved the views on the way up but when we reached the peak it was even better:
Going up....

We also got a little snow while at the top which made the trip even more magical, I really couldn't have wished for a better day. So what did I wear for Paris fun-times? I went vintage. 

I've been super lucky recently to have found a bunch of vintage gems to add to my collection and this one is a worthy wardrobe filler. If you're a regular reader you already know about my polka dot obsession, so I inevitably snapped up this late 70s baby the minute I saw it. It has a elastic waist and is the perfect lengthy for any time of the year. It is also super light-weight so I paired it with my burgundy cardigan and I thick pair of tights. I finished off the look with my favourite belt, and I was ready to go.
Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: H&M (Burgundy currently out o stock online)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins^
Tights: Boots
Flats: Simply Be

We had the best time and are already planning our next adventure (we're currently thinking Berlin....)

'til next time. 

Love and hugs,

KEY: The symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available. 


  1. wow so beautiful. I really need to revisit Paris I haven't been in years x

    1. I love it there and really need to go more if I can. Such a great way to spend the day. :) x

  2. Stunning photo's I've always wanted to go to Paris and this has made me google city breaks x

    1. YAY! Do let me know if you need any tips. :) x

  3. Amazing review Isha I could not agree with you more about the fit and shape!

    I love this dress on you and the colour is just gorgeous! You should definitely invest In the emerald green like you said. It would look gorgeous on you!

    Thanks for the link honey and I hope to see you soon xxx


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