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Electric Run for Breast Cancer Care

So I've only mentioned this once on the blog, but  Electric Run is just over a month away now. Training has been going well and I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be, and I'm really excited because I get to have one of the best experiences I'm ever going to have, and for charity.  I'm running for Breast Cancer Care and hope to raise £150 for the cause. Breast Cancer Care focus on providing personal and practical care for those affected by breast cancer and aim to give a personable approach to treatment and information. Being from a family where cancer has been quite prominent. I could not think of a more worthy charity to do this run for, and as it's payday, I'm hoping you have a few extra pennies to help me run that little bit further for Breast Cancer Care. Honestly, anything you can donate will be truly appreciated and a huge thanks in advance to those who are able to help. You can check out my page link here .  My next po

A Splash of Colour

It's always a good sign when brands branch out and create a plus size line, but it really can go one of two ways. Thankfully, Missguided have gone the right way with their very first plus size collection from last year  which had many plus size babes, including me, with a extensive list of items in their virtual shopping bag. I ordered this fab two-piece.  Crop Top: Missguided^ Skirt: Missguided Boots: Simply Be^ Now, the problem with being pixie height is that crop tops are very rarely that. I don't have a long body and thus, crop tops are often mid torso on me. This was the case with Missguided's crop top but I didn't let that deter me as I still think the look works with me tucking the top into the skirt. It gives the illusion of a dress and still looks great with the chunky boots I chose to finish the look off with. Missguided's sizing is very generous and I could have easily sized downed, particularly with the skirt, and being 95% Po

Find It In Everything: Winter 2014/5

As tomorrow marks the official start of Spring, it's time for another ' Find It In Everything '; this time it's the Winter addition. I've really enjoyed taking pictures during the winter months, but spring is so exciting for me as a lover of taking photographs. There is always so much vibrancy, so much colour and cool places to explore as the sun sets a little later, I literally cannot wait to start snapping away. For now, here is a selection of my favourite pictures from this season: 'til next time! Love and hugs,  Isha xxx

Like Royalty

The plus-size world of the vintage persuasions audibly exclaimed when Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust , announced a range of fabulous dresses she had designed for  Lady Vintage London , called Lady Voluptuous . There are four styles in total with a variety of colours and patterns, and being a 50s bunny who practically lives in swing dresses, I immediately set eyes on the Cosette , particularly after seeing Lucia in it. WOW, right?! But there was another dress that was catching my eye.....enter, the Medusa. The Medusa is another 50s sensation, but a fitted design. I have been hoarding wiggle/ fitted dresses in one of my two wardrobes for a few months now and realised how much I loved my silhouette after wearing this 'out of comfort zone' dress. I'm naturally an incredibly curvy (I know many hate that term, but I know what I mean) woman, but I have often avoided dresses like this through fear of the VBO; but during my continued journey to self-love a