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It Was Acceptable In The 80s

Blinded by the pink! How bright is this dress?! It's funny, I'm not usually one for pink, but I saw this gorgeous vintage number and couldn't resist snapping it up for a few pennies, while shopping last year. I think it's the lovely delicate feather feature that does it for me as they break up the pink and make this 80s number super cute rather than obscenely garish (as 80s fashion tended to be).  The dress is has a button detail on the left shoulder and also on the waist, and I really like these touches. The dress is 80s gold, but my only issue is the bust - there isn't much room and I just about managed to squeeze my ample bosom into the top half without cutting off my air supply!  Dress: Vintage Cardigan: South (via Very)^ Tights: Boots Shoes: Simply Be Button detail on the waist I haven't been vintage shopping in ages and dresses like this are a reminder that there really are some gems out there for plus size girls...y

Polka Dot Dreams

There are times when an item of clothing comes into your life and you wonder, 'How have I lived without this?!'. This polka dot dream, designed by Nicolette Mason , for Modcloth , makes me wonder.... If you're a regular reader of my blog you already know about my hysteria for polka dots, vintage and dresses - this dress is everything a girl like me could want! Although I feel it has a classic 50's silhouette, there's something so 80's about it too. The dress is made out of Polyester, while the two (yes, two!) petticoats are made out of Polyester and Nylon, respectively. The dress arrives with the bow initially at the front, but it can also be tied at the back. I personally love the affect of the bow at the front and think it gives the dress a bit of a edge, so that's how I chose to wear it for the photos: Dress: Nicolette Mason, for Modcloth (currently out of stock, but you can check-out items currently available, here ) Heels: Hea


Late last year I headed to central London with my dear friend Shel, and our last shop was one I had never ventured. Shel was adamant that I would love KIKO Cosmetics and as she knows me so well, I was looking forward to exploring what they had to offer, particularly seeing how much the store was heaving as we entered. Just from glancing at some of the product price points, I couldn't believe how this brand had slipped me by for so long, but apparently they're relatively new to the UK, originating from Milano, Italy. I made a beeline for the lipsticks (because I don't have enough!) and fell in love with so many shades, but for my first trip I restricted myself to my favourite four:  Note: Click on the shades to be forwarded to the full product and all shades available.  Smart Lipstick Shade: Amaranth -914   No. of shades available: 24 It's no wonder this is KIKO's best selling lipstick. I can't get over how much I love this lips