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Lace Silhouette

When I first saw this dress on the ASOS website, I instantly wanted it, but I stopped myself from buying it straight away through fear of it looking odd. I really liked it but lace over a bodycon dress for someone a tiny as me just seemed like a recipe for disaster, so I forgot about it. A month or so later I was on the website again and was so surprised to still see the dress there so I took it as a sign and snapped it up before it disappeared for good. I'm so glad I did!
Dress: ASOS^
Belt: Simply Be^
Shoes: Simply Be
Necklace: Tatty Devine^
I'm finding myself being more and more drawn to fitted/ bodycon dresses and there was a time when I wouldn't even contemplate it, but now I have a growing collection and I'm so excited for this new addition to my style. I'll always be a 50s bunny but I'm finding mixing up my outfits more and more exciting and I'm often thrilled with the results. This dress is made of cotton so although it hugs the body, the material is lovely and stretchy so there's a no danger of looking like a over packed sausage. The lace is a great touch and gives enough coverage to those maybe self conscience about their tummy area - it also doesn't hurt that the lace has a polka dot design. Because I'm not a usual bodycon wearer, I was really surprised at how much I loved seeing my silhouette. My shape is so defined which I had never noticed before, and I love how my wider hips show off my small waist.

I accessorised the dress with an old Simply Be belt, my favourite flats (also by Simply Be) and the most fabulous mermaid necklace by Tatty Devine.
What a fab outfit and another reminder that there is so much for me to love about my body. 

'til next time!

Love and hugs,

KEY: Symbol ^ denotes and item no longer available.  


  1. This looks lovely on you. I'm about your height, so struggle with dresses and things too. I wouldn't wear a bodycon dress as I have too many rolls that I don't like, but with the skirt layer over the top, I think even I would attempt this one!

    1. Aww, that's great to hear. The lace skirt definitely helps with any insecurities because it covers the belly, but is still super cute and sexy. I'm slowing getting into the bodycon thing and I'm feeling really good about it. You should give it a try too. :) X


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