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Bronze Sparkle

I bought this dress way back when at the beginning of Summer, but because my wardrobe is forever overflowing, I never got an opportunity to wear it until now. I wore this gem for another fun filled day in Nottingham with my dear friend, Char . If you saw my last post about my first visit, you'll know that I absolutely fell in love with the city and simply couldn't wait to get back, so I jumped at the chance to head down there again a mere few weeks later.  We had food at Frankie and Benny’s (uh-mazing!) and then just pottered around, diving into as many new nooks and crannies as we could find. I wanted something a little dressy but also with a mix of casual as I knew we’d be walking around the city. Dress: Marks and Spencer^ Lace Cardigan:  Marks and Spencer^ Shrug (worn underneath): eBay Sneakers: New Look How much of a beaut is this dress?! The delicate flower print with gorgeous pleats on the skirt are so swoon worthy, and it's so floa

Pixie Red Riding Hood

It's awful, but I have rarely travelled around the UK. There's no real reason for this other than not really having a need to do so, but when my dear friend Charlotte left the bright lights of London to study in Nottingham, I simply couldn't wait to buy my ticket for a visit. There was rain in the air when I first arrived but this soon abated and we had nothing but gorgeous sunshine and blue skies for the remainder of the day. We mainly stayed in the city centre and what struck me the most was the stunning architecture; people very rarely look up but I find that most architectural beauty is up with the clouds. Here are just a few of my favourite shots from the day: We had such a brill day with lots of exploring, food and a bit of shopping . I wanted to wear something fabulous for the day and I turned to one of my absolutely favourite brands: Dress: Collectif Shrug: eBay Leggings: South (via Very ) Shoes: Simply Be This wo

Scots To Have It

During my very first trip to Nottingham (which I'll be blogging about soon), myself and Charlotte headed into Primark to see if there were any goodies we could nab. This dress and a skirt you'll see on the blog soon, we snapped up by me as soon as I laid eyes on them.  I don't usually do smock dresses as being a vintage bunny means I like structure and definition, but this tartan number is so great for this time of year. It's still light enough for the warmer Autumnal days, but also versatile enough to throw on chunky boots and a coat for when there's a chill in the air. As you'll see with the pictures below, it was a gorgeous sunny day so I needed nothing other than a pair of leggings and my new favourite heeled boots:   Dress: Primark Leggings: South (via Very ) Boots: Next Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market I love the traditional tartan colours as they fit so well with the current season. I think different Primarks hold diff

Nerdsville Book Club #6: The Martian, by Andy Weir

The Martian, available via Amazon I'm writing this with a huge lump in my throat as I've literally just finished The Martian by Andy Weir. This book was chosen by Charlotte and I was a little worried as she was almost certain no one would like it. Well she was right on that front because I didn't like it - I loved it! The book is about an astronaut called Mark Watney, and due to circumstances I won't go into (as it's a spoiler), he finds himself left by his crew and stranded on Mars.  Mark initially thinks no one knows he's still alive so decides he needs to find ways to survive alone, and he is full of determination and wants to find his way back to earth. There is seemingly only one way to do this which is to wait for the next crew to Mars to rescue him......said crew would not arrive on Mars for 4 years! Now, this is a bit of a spoiler I'm afraid, but NASA do indeed find out that Watney is alive so it becomes a race against time to