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On The Run

No this isn't me confessing to a heinous crime, this is about doing something I've wanted to do for a while but was too lazy to do. I've started to run....well, I say run, but at the moment it's more of a snail paced jog, but I'm getting there.......slowly. 

Now I know there is an automatic assumption that when someone talks about fitness it must mean they want to loose weight, but for me it couldn't be further from the truth. As many other bloggers have said in the past (and in much better ways than I ever could), you can be fat and fit! I have no intention to loose weight but my fitness is appalling and I want to be able to do basic active things in life without collapsing into a heap. My issue has always been motivation. In the past I have tried and failed to keep myself going in regards to fitness so I knew I needed a goal I could aim towards with the knowledge that failure just wasn't an option. I decided that goal was to do the 5k Electric Run. I went onto their main website after donating last year and it's basically a huge night rave with lots of music, lights, and people in costumes having the best time. It's a fun run but for serious and noble causes so I signed myself up! 

But before I get there I need to train and this is my training gear. Now I know this is slightly unorthodox, but I can't bare jogging bottoms or any other kind of trouser-type garment, so I decided I was going to wear a dress. Not an impractical dress, but a dress that would do the best job for exercising in. This dress is cotton with 3% spandex, it's super soft, absorbent, light and exactly what I need to feel comfortable while I run. I think that's the most important thing for me because if I'm too self conscience about how I'm looking or feeling inside, it would totally detract from the matter at hand.
Dress: Gifted by Dani
Top: Love Label (via Very)^
These amazing leggings are from Marks and Spencer. They're so breathable being 95% cotton, and with 5% elastane for the thick waistband, I don't feel restricted at all. The top over the dress is cute because it brings a bit of colour to an otherwise bland outfit (you know how I feel about all black) and although I'm not one for slogans, I really like the Electric Avenue statement and think it's apt for why I am running in the first place. The fleece is also from Marks and Spencer and I love that it's warm and cosy with zip pockets! I've found zip pockets to be my saviour as I can carry around my keys and phone with me. Although I really like this fleece, I'm currently on the the hunt for one with a hood because I'll definitely want to bundle up a bit more as the weather gets colder.

Underneath I'm wearing the sports bra of dreams: the Panache sports bra. I'm yet to read a bad review of this bra and I now know why - it's brilliant! I feel secure without feeling like I'm in bondage which is perfect when you have a large bosom. The bra is underwired, the cups are full and give great cover, the straps are wide to give extra support and there is also a three tier hook so I feel nothing but held in and free to run like the wind. It's perfect.
Sports Bra: Panache (via Simply Be)

The trainers! I was looking for cheap trainers that could also still hold up once I eventually start to run vigorously, but I didn't want ridiculously expensive trainers from the usual brands. I instead headed over to Simply Be to see if they had any other brands I could turn to. Body Star were a brand I had never heard of, but when I saw these beauties I didn't hesitate in ordering them, and I think you can guess why. POLKA DOTS! Who knew you could find fabulous trainers with polka dots?! Again, I was going to get them regardless but it certainly helped that they had great reviews on the Simply Be website. I'm not normally one for reading reviews but I felt it was important for this purpose. These trainers have to last throughout training and for the run itself so I needed to know they would be reliable and sturdy. They come in wide fit so are really comfortable and I feel steady on my feet. It just goes to show, you don't need to spend a months rent for a pair of good trainers!
Trainers: Body Star (via Simply Be)

I feel happy bouncing along in this outfit and whoever said you can't have style while exercising, was a liar.
Back to the run itself, I'm doing the Electric Run for Breast Cancer Care. It's such a wonderful cause and I'm in the process of properly setting up my Just Giving page, for donations. My begging and pleading will officially start next year but I’ll probably do another post with a fitness update and a link to my page. I can't wait for May and you can follow my progress predominantly on my Instagram page, but again, there will be an update or two on the blog too :)

'til next time.

Love and hugs,

KEY: Symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available. 


  1. Looking Fab! I can't wait now! xox

    1. Thanks my Bow. I can't wait either, it's going to be so much fun! xoxoxo


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