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From Paris, with Love

I was invited down to the Chantelle showroom a little while ago and had an opportunity to gush over some of the most gorgeous lingerie I had ever seen. Beautiful colours and designs were on offer for us to try, and being a company I hadn't experienced before, I was eager to explore. The company, which later became to be known as Chantelle , was founded in 1876. They first started with corsets and have expanded throughout the years to become the most sought after lingerie line from France. It's no surprise as each piece of lingerie is truly a work of art and is made with the softest fabric. It feels nothing but luxurious to those who wear it. Chantelle collections include bras, pants, shapewear, and they also have a chic boutique with a range of couture pieces, including waist clinchers, chemises, bustlers and garters. You'll be spoilt for choice so I would advise adding a few of these to your Christmas list ;) Christmas came early for th

Green Belle

I'm never one to turn down a dress, particularly from a brand I like, so when Pink Clove got in touch to see if I'd like a dress, I couldn't resist this little green number. I'm not usually one for green, but because of that I thought I'd give it a try in this lovely swing dress design. I guess you could call this a summer dress, but Autumn has been so warm for the most part so there was no need to throw on a pair of ankle boots, but instead I went for my favourite flats from Simply Be. Dress: Gifted (via Pink Clove ) Cardigan: South (via Very)^ Leggings: South (via Very ) Shoes: Simply Be From previous experience with Pink Clove, I knew they ran big so I opted to size down. I'm glad I did because it's the perfect fit for my small waist. I love that this dress is so fitted on the top half of the body and then scoops out for the timeless swing-style skirt. The gathering on the bust is such a lovely touch and that's one of t

On The Run

No this isn't me confessing to a heinous crime, this is about doing something I've wanted to do for a while but was too lazy to do. I've started to run....well, I say run, but at the moment it's more of a snail paced jog, but I'm getting there.......slowly.  Now I know there is an automatic assumption that when someone talks about fitness it must mean they want to loose weight, but for me it couldn't be further from the truth. As many other bloggers have said in the past (and in much better ways than I ever could), you can be fat and fit! I have no intention to loose weight but my fitness is appalling and I want to be able to do basic active things in life without collapsing into a heap. My issue has always been motivation. In the past I have tried and failed to keep myself going in regards to fitness so I knew I needed a goal I could aim towards with the knowledge that failure just wasn't an option. I decided that goal was to do the 5k Elect

Hidden In The Ocean

The title is pretty apt as this dress was found in the dredges of my wardrobe when I was packing all those months ago, but also because of the colour. The reason why I didn't wear this gem until now was because there was a hideous net-type thingy underneath the lining and I didn't know how to cut it out without ruining it. I thought about selling it but I still really loved the dress so grabbed my scissors and started cutting, and thankfully there was no damage whatsoever. Dress: ASOS^ Cardigan: South (via Very)^ Leggings: South (via Very ) Shoes: Dorothy Perkins^ You're not really able to tell in the pictures but this dress is shorter than I'd normally wear as I never used to be a fan of things above the knee; one because I'm a 40s/50s vixen so the dresses I normally wear fit with that era, and two, because climbing stairs and having everyone see everything isn't my idea of a good time. Having said that, I've found that as