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Vintage Postcards with Love

It takes something pretty special for me to wear separates and this skirt is indeed that. I bought this a while ago while shopping in Primark and my eyes lit up when I saw it. The print screams 50s vintage to me and being a lover of writing correspondence rather than robotically typing on a key pad allowed me to hark back to a more simple time with the beautiful postcards.
Skirt: Primark
Vest: South (via Very)^
Cardigan: South (via Very)^
Shoes: Primark
Oh I love this print! <3

I love the cute red peep-toe flats. They compliment the skirt so well and stand out against the plain vest and cardigan; this is one of my summer favourites for sure and is a reminder for me to wear separates more often - I really don't do this enough because being a vintage bunny means that I love swing and circle stylings and thus, dresses always tend to get my vote. I do have an array of skirts though so maybe you'll see me experimenting a little more with my outfits.

I bought a few more gems during my Primark visit and they'll be appearing on the ol' blog soon enough.

'til next time.

Love and hugs,

KEY: The symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available.


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