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EVERYDAY Is Special - Blue Belle

This is yet another stunner from my EVERYDAY is special collection. I had admired the clothes from Pinup Girl Clothing for sometime. They are an American based company, formed in 1999 and deal with all things vintage inspired: clothes (dresses and separates), swimwear, body shapers, lingerie, shoes and accessories are all available for us vintage babes to drool over, and the best thing is, they have a designated plus size range with many items going up to a UK 30! Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love vintage and vintage inspired clothing, so Pinup Girl Clothing were always going to be a brand I would love. However, due to the overseas fees and customs charge, I'd resisted the urge to purchase anything. Then I saw this 1950s inspired wonder:
Dress: 'Heidi Dress', Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt: Simply Be^
Shoes: Primark
Vintage Style Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market

Let's talk about the colour. The gorgeous deep Royal Blue is stunning and works so well with my skin tone. Royal Blue is actually my favourite colour with blue in general probably being the dominant colour in my wardrobe in its differing shades. The Heidi dress I ordered, incidentally, isn't from their plus size range, but it comes in many different colours in both the regular and plus size sections; however, there was no doubt which colour I was going to go for.
Another wonderful thing is the cut and fit of the dress. Made from stretch sateen, the dress almost felt specially crafted for my body. It adjusted and hugged me to accommodate my every curve so I felt nothing but comfortable all day. The lovely stretch is also handy if you don't have someone to zip you up (trying to wiggle a dress over big boobs and a tummy, is a nightmare!) and is easily manoeuvred. The quality is superb and it's no wonder why they are so popular all over the world, and as someone from the UK, I don't mind paying that little extra for high quality.
'Cat-Eye' shape shades are the best! <3

I love this dress and was tired of seeing it hang in my wardrobe, so I decided on a lovely summers day that I would pair it with my swallow Collectif cardigan and some cute gold accents in the form of a belt and sandals, and show off a tad. You really can't blame me, right?!

'til next time.

Love and hugs,

Key: The symbol ^ denotes an item no longer available. 


  1. That colour is beautiful on you ;-) xx

  2. Royal blue is definitely stunning on you. I love both Pinup Girl Clothing and Collectif and adore that you paired two of their items together.

    P.S. Please marry me.

    1. Thanks so much my lovely! Of course I'll marry you - I'd be lucky to have you :D xxx


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