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Nerdsville Book Club #Three: Too Loud A Solitude, by Bohumil Hrabal

Too Loud A Solitude, available via Amazon English Literature was by far my favourite subject during my studies. I hated my teacher in secondary school because he was a pervert (seriously), but arguing with him as to why he had next to no knowledge about literature (and then subsequently getting thrown out of class), were my partial highlights of those lessons. He really had no clue about the substance and importance of literature and would throw ridiculous theories at us about the authors "thought process". I hated that. I personally don't like the idea of picking apart an authors book to decipher what the message is - the message is what you want to be, the message is what you take from the story/ poem/ play, etc once you've reached its conclusion. That's what I love about reading and indeed, writing myself. It's an amazing way to escape and venture to worlds anew with each page, and that everyone interprets said page in differen

White Birds Fly Across A Red Sky

Hi lovelies! I recently caught up with a friend and we decided to head to Carnaby Street. We headed to a new American-style restaurant, Stax. The food was great, as was the service and I'd definitely recommend it. We then did a bit of shopping to round everything off. It was such a lovely evening. I wanted to wear something nice, but also something that would look cool with boots due to the rain. I turned to my ever trusted Lady V London . This dress was actually going to be my Christmas Day dress last year, but I went for a different one in the end. Lady V are great for making dresses that can be dressed up or down, which is why I have so many! I paired the below dress with my standard ankle boots, a fab satchel I bought at a blogger sale, and my new Collectif cardigan. Dress: Lady Vintage London^ Cardigan: Collectif Satchel: Blogger Sale Leggings: South (via Very ) Boots: Boohoo^ I love the bird theme of this outfit. The white birds

EVERYDAY Is Special - Scattered Flowers

Hello lovelies! So if you saw my last post , you'd have seen that I made the decision to wear clothes that had been floundering in my wardrobe due to deciding I needed to wear them somewhere special. It's such a silly notion to have as it of course means the gorgeous items bought, never see daylight! This is the second dress of this nature and this beauty has been in my wardrobe for the longest time. You would have seen many of my fellow bloggers killing this dress in their own styles, so now it's my turn. Dress: Scarlett & Jo for Evans^ Shoes: Primark Clutch: Gifted Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market The Scarlett & Jo  'Black 2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress' for Evans is a stunner. You all know I love print and you also know how much I love volume, and this dress has both! There is a Spring/Summer flower print also, but this darker print is my favourite. The tulle underneath gives fairytale volume with a vintage feel, and I cou