Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pixie Maxi Challenge No.3 - Evans

Well this is long overdue! Sorry the third and final instalment has taken so long. I have been waiting to move, then packing, then moving, then unpacking and settling into the new home, so I haven't had much time. If you're wondering what the heck this is, you can find the details here, the first instalment here and the second here. I headed to H&M and Evans for the final Pixie Maxi Challenge...

A word on H&M. I tried three dresses, but in truth didn't like any of them. I always want to be honest with my blog and I just couldn't post about three dresses I didn't love or feel I would ever actually wear. But for reference, below is a picture of the three dresses. Feel free to browse their website if you like them, but they're just not for me at all.


This dress is super cute and I love the stripes. I used to steer clear of stripes back in the day, but with growing confidence I care less about the things I used to worry about wearing. I wish I could see myself in a size 18 in this one (there were no size 18s in store) because the 20 is too loose around my waist so doesn't look right on me as a result. There material is stretchy so there is plenty of boob room and it feels really light, perfect for warmer weather. The only thing I would worry about is the possible sweat patches wearing grey tends to attract, but overall I really like this. It comes in sizes 14-30/32 (as mentioned, I’m wearing a 20 here) and made from 96% Viscose and 4% Elastane.

Oh how I love this dress! The colours are incredible and I felt great in this. The material is super light and didn't cling as much as I thought it would (there is nothing worse than being hot and wearing clothes that cling to your skin). There is an elasticated neckline that gives the impression of a halter, and the dress falls nicely. I thought I would need a belt with this but it would be totally unnecessary. I really wanted to buy this yesterday but a £49.50 price tag held me back. It is lovely though so maybe come payday.... It comes in sizes 14-30/32 (I’m wearing an 18 here) and made from 97% Viscose and 3% Elastane.

Well this is a little different. This is a basic black maxi dress, but has a sheer blue draping that falls just below the knee on my 5'1" frame. This is lovely and airy, and I think this would be great for a simple beach look. It comes in sizes 14-30/32 (I’m wearing a 16 here) and made from 96% Viscose and 4% Elastane.

This is another great beach dress. I really like the butterfly print and the tie back. It also has a shirred back which is why I was able to size down. I love the button detail on the bust and because of the shirred back there is no gaping, hurrah!  Again, the material feels light and airy, I wouldn't have a problem with over-heating during the day. It comes in dual sizing from 14/16-30/32 (I’m wearing a 14/16 here) and made from 100% Cotton.

So there you have it. My maxi challenge is complete and Evans did it for me in regards to the dresses themselves and their lengths. It was also a reminder to me to try things on because in Evans alone, I was multiple sizes. Try things on ladies!

There will be a new challenge coming up very soon so keep a look out for that!

‘til next time.

Love and hugs,

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