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Happy Birthday, An Autumns Grace (with new feature)!


Well isn't this wonderful?! I've been blogging for two whole years and I can't believe it. I still feel so incredibly new with room for improvement but with lots learnt and gained. My love for blogging increases with every post and I'm so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read even one post.

I feel like my blog is ever evolving and I want to add more to it. Along with fashion, beauty, literary and lifestyle posts, I want to add something that is extremely close to my heart - photography. I have a little known photography blog that gets very little love from me due to being so busy with this one, but I aim to update it more often as time goes on, but wanted to add photography to this blog too. In celebration of my blog birthday comes a new feature:

Find It In Everything

I'm such a huge Drew Barrymore fan (who isn't?!) and I bought her utterly adorable book, Find It In Everything a few weeks ago. The book contains snapshots of hearts found in everyday life: a tear in a top, coffee foam, rubbish on the floor, musical instruments, etc. I am completely in love with it and wanted to do my own version, but wanted to include pictures of things I came across in my everyday life.

So I am going to do seasonal blog posts with pictures of things I find beautiful and/ or make me smile. There are so many things that make me feel joyous and I'm always taking pictures with either one of my cameras or my iPhone, there literally hasn't been a day where I haven't taken a picture of something (even if it’s the same thing over and over again!). These will be snapshots, and in no way are these posts going to be artsy or pretentious; they're just going to be mundane things that I personally find sublime and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I do. As Spring is coming to an end the official start of the new Find It In Everything feature will start at the end of Summer, but as a taster, below are a mere 15 snapshots of the kind of things I love to photograph:
This is my favourite picture of my favourite park in the world!
I will forever be a mermaid living on land...
Such a lovely handmade Christmas card from last year (from Dani <3)

These bring back so many fond memories and I can't wait to start the feature properly.

They'll also be a giveaway on the blog next week to celebrate my blog birthday. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

'til next time.

Love and hugs,


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