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My Heart Belongs To Alice

Hi guys,

I had a few days off a little while ago, so Charlotte and myself headed to Islington to hunt for some vintage finds and vinyl. Goodness me, the vintage boutiques were utterly gorgeous with an array of beautiful, genuine vintage wonders, but we were stunned out of every shop at the expense! I remember a time when you would go into one of said shops and walk out with some amazing pieces, for pennies. Sadly, vintage is so vogue at the moment, the prices have increased to ridiculous levels. You can still find some great items (and I have been really lucky to find loads recently), but you have to work for it!

Thankfully we're girls whom also love to window shop, so even though our purses remained closed, we still marvelled over what we would buy if we could. We then went on a vinyl hunt because if you saw my turntable post, you'll know that I am now a fully fledged turntable nerd, and thus, need to increase my vinyl collection. We headed to a few charity shops and found some goodies - and I was thrilled to find some Bowie!
We also ate loads at Five Guys, drank yummy, fruity drinks at Costa, and even managed to squeeze in some outfit pics - a very productive day! This Alice & You dress is a stunner. I spent so many visits on the ASOS website deciding which dress from the range I wanted. My eyes kept falling on this adorable heart-shaped print dress. With new brands I haven't tried, I tend to size-up through fear of the dreaded 'independent brand fabric cuts', but they didn't have the next size up. All was not lost because they did have one single dress left in my "usual" size so I took a punt and ordered it; I'm happy to say it fits like a dream and I'm so glad I decided to get it.
Dress: Alice & You (via ASOS)^
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Leggings: South (via Very)
Boots: Simply Be^
Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market
Ring: Dorothy Perkins^

At first I thought the black and white clash of the dress print and stairs would be too much, but looking back, there's such an awesome 60's vibe to it (Twiggy, anyone?!) and Charlotte as always, made me look like a rock star.
So cute!

We had to chase a woman down the street to take this picture ;)

It was a great day and the dress was nothing but comfortable throughout. I will be purchasing many more Alice & You dresses in the future.

'til next time.

Love and hugs,

^ - denotes an item which is no longer available. 


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