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A Good Heart

Hello you lovely lot!

It feels like I haven't done an outfit post in forever, but this is one of many in my drafts so expect to see a lot more!

Spring has finally arrived which means it’s the perfect opportunity to break out all the stunning dresses I had stowed away in my wardrobe, waiting for the sun to come out. This gorgeous New Look dress was one I had loved for ages, but felt the shape of the dress would look odd on me so I resisted for a little while. I couldn’t get over the heart-shaped print so thought I’d order it just to see, and I'm happy to say I absolutely love it!

The material is light, which is something I need when the temperatures rise because I do get very hot, so it was perfect for a spring evening for a movie and pizza night with a dear friend. I felt comfortable all day during work and although the dress is a little narrow, I never felt restricted. I chose to wear a simple cardigan, thin belt, leggings and a pair of pointy flats to complete the look – Oh, and I of course had to throw on some shades too [I've now added links directly to the items themselves! If said item is no longer available, I have added a link directly to main website]:
Dress: New Look (Via ASOS Curve, but no longer available)
Cardigan: South (Via Very)
Leggings: South (Via Very)
Flats: Simply Be
Belt: Simply Be (No longer available)
Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market
Closeup of the wonderful print, and as you can see, the dress is made even better with the elasticated waist!
Yep, this will definitely be a stable dress for the Spring/Summer months.

‘til next time.

Love and hugs,


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