Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Simply Be....decadent: A celebration of Simply Be's collaboration with LOOK Magazine

When I had an email ping into my Inbox from Simply Be inviting me to a celebratory dinner, I couldn't type fast enough to RSVP! It felt like I was in a cool secret society as we were asked to kept the details to ourselves before the official launch, and I along with everyone else was simply bursting to find out what it was all about.

The news broke that Simply Be's latest collaboration was with LOOK Magazine and that the collection was online and ready for purchasing! I couldn't wait to click the link to see what was on offer and I wasn't disappointed.

The collection is 14 items in total and to me, it's the perfect balance between the bloom trend, and classic and timeless pieces you can wear all year round. Here are some pieces that stand out for me (All collection images ©SimplyBe):

As you can see, there are many items to fawn over so the dinner couldn't come fast enough! It was held at the very snazzy restaurant, Balthazar and the meal was just as stunning as the table:
There was a small group of bloggers and the atmosphere was lovely. I had an absolute ball and we indulged in good food, fine wine (I had a little too much wine :/) and great conversation.

We were all so lucky because another wonderful thing to happen that evening was that Simply Be and LOOK Magazine gave us all a pick from the collection, to be gifted. I was so overwhelmed by the gesture and it will come as no surprise that being the vintage vixen that I am, I swooned over the utterly gorgeous Bardot dress:

I'm can't wait to wear this beautiful galaxy print, 50's inspired dress. There has been a surge in 50's inspired dresses by Simply Be and their affiliates, and this is another to add to the collection (and to my ever bulging wardrobe). I will of course be sure to blog about it once I've worn it, but you can shop the entire collection here

It was such a decadent evening and I'd like to thank both Simply Be and LOOK Magazine for the evening and also for the stunning collection. 

'til next time. 

Love and hugs, 

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