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Junarose Autumn 2014 Showcase

Last week I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to the Junarose showcase of their Autumn 2014 collection. It was such a lovely, select and intimate event and we were made to feel so at home and welcome by the lovely Junarose team.

As ambassadors of Junarose, Hanna and Becky were there to represent and present the new collection to the attendees and this added to the relaxed atmosphere – having bloggers really know and love the brand is so key to fellow bloggers. They were so incredibly helpful in regards to the sizing, fit and quality of the clothes, and the quality was there for us to see with a beautiful display in the most gorgeous modern/rustic showroom.
Ambassadors: Hanna and Becky

We were so lucky because the samples for the collection had literally just arrived and we were so excited to gush over the items and try things on. This was another wonderful part of the event, being able to try things on for a brand not yet available in stores is a rare luxury for plus size bloggers, and we took full advantage!

The Autumn '14 collection is split into two sections: Rebel and Soft.

Rebel –
Lova Biker Jacket

This selection is based on unleashing your inner rock star. There’s a biker/ PU look with a touch of delicacy in the form of florals that gives such a great balance between hard and soft. There are also wardrobe staples with denim, check detail, and warm red and wine colours.

Soft –
Natalie Is Short Jacket

This selection is based on romance. There are beautiful floaty items here with light blues, lace, jersey and checks with a feminine touch. Rose sequins, animal prints and graphic checks also ironically make this collection perfect for Spring.

The pictures below are a balanced mix of the current SS ’14 and the new Autumn ’14 collections:
Gorgeous colours, prints and patterns <3
I’d like to thank the Junarose team, Hanna and Becky for such a lovely chilled event.

‘til next time.

Love and hugs,


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