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Anna Scholz and Simply Be – Match made in heaven

Hello lovelies!

This will be a (relatively) short review as I want to shower you with photographs, but last night was the official launch of White Label by Anna Scholz. Anna and Simply Be have a wonderful collaborative relationship and being Valentines Day, I couldn’t think of a better partnership to celebrate!

The event was held at Anna’s working studio. It’s so rare that a designer whom is so successful and held in such high regard, would invite a hoard of people to their work home, but we were all welcomed with open arms by both Anna and Simply Be, and it felt really personal and less corporate than other events. I know how lucky I felt to be there and see the working environment, and was treated like an old friend.

Now, the collection. Us eager bloggers couldn’t wait to get inside the show room to have a look. We were not disappointed and our hands immediately started exploring. The White Label collection had everything: crocket, fringe, leather, patterns, bright colours, dark colours, sequins, lace, embroidery, mesh, cut-outs, cowl necks, trousers, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, lingerie, and, and, and….! It was like Cher’s closet in Clueless – only better! Everything you could have possibly wanted was there for trying on, gushing and touching. One of the great things about last night was although the collection was displayed in certain sizes, staff were on hand to whisk away and bring a different size to cater to the masses and we were all thrilled. Again, this never happens and is why Anna and Simply Be are a cut above.

White Label was so well received and we all walked away with a bulging list of things we wanted, and the below pictures of my favourites will show you why:
Mt favourite dress from last night. <3<3<3
Close up of the gorgeous netting.
Wonderful crocket work
This PU Embroidered Bomber Jacket was very popular last night!
Stunning embroidery 
I love the mesh on this dress.
Closeup of the cut-outs and pattern.
Sleeveless top covered in coloured sequins (*swoon*)
All the colours!
All kinds of prints and textures....
My favourite lingerie piece.

See, now you have a bulging list of things you want to buy!

So a massive thanks to Anna and a massive thanks to Simply Be – truly a match made in heaven, and long may it continue! You can shop White Label now.

Side note: myself and the ever lovely Caroline got talking to Anna about a corset manufacture and managed to get a peak of the Autumn 2015 line. Oh my goodness, we are in for a treat and our bank balances will be crying as a result!

‘til next time.

Love and hugs,


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