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Pre Spring Clean

© Creative_Type Photography Sooooo, falling in love with someone when the feeling wasn’t anywhere close to be being mutual, probably wasn’t one of my smartest moves (d’oh!). I don’t regret the feeling as being in love is amazing and I've been lucky enough to experience it three times over (the other two times were thankfully mutual); and with spring on the horizon, I couldn't think of a better time to take steps to move on. A situation which causes more sadness and tears than happiness and laughter isn't how one should spend a life. I'm really not sure what life has on store for me, but I'm looking forward to this new adventure. Something else I've found freeing is being cut off. When you're someone like me who apologises far more than you should, having someone remove you from all existence is indeed incredibly hurtful, but also freeing in a weird way. You can sometimes find yourself shackled by the way other

Mermaid Living on Land

Hello lovelies! A few weeks ago I needed to escape so my lovely friend and I headed to Brighton to visit my friends sister, but also to hang out and leave all our troubles behind (ironically, I came back to more drama than when I left. How did that happen?!). Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world and has been my place of solace for over 15 years. Whenever I feel like I need to clear my mind, Brighton is the place I go. Being by the coast always consoles me, it’s my tried and trusted friend, and as I liken myself to a mermaid living on land, the fact that the sea and sea air is only an hours train ride away makes it even better. As soon as we got there I almost ran to the pier just so I could shut my eyes and shut out the world and all its nastiness. The wind got stronger the nearer we got but we persisted and this was what welcomed us: Instant calm I don’t know what possessed me, but I thought I’d try and take some outfit pictures. The wind w

Edge/ Grunge/ Rock ‘n Roll - 113 bringing the attitude

One One Three are an independent brand, run by Najma and Keenan, and based in good old London. Their designs caught the plus size communities attention sometime ago and the edgy, fashion forward and well-made clothes, became an instant favourite. When they announced a fashion show during London Fashion Week, I jumped at the chance to go and see the new collection first hand. Held in a warehouse in Angel, the venue set the mood for what was to come  - dark and urban cool. The space was covered in graffiti and in usual circumstances I would have had a walk around to admire it, but we all wanted to see the clothes! I sat with the gorgeous  Lauren and the whole room was buzzing with excitement. The show began and we were treated with a mix of real street style and classic pieces which were cut to perfection. The models with a ‘ YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US ’ attitude came stomping down the catwalk like rock stars, knowing they looked killer in the mainly grunge inspired clot