Monday, 27 January 2014

Easy does it

Beautiful and bright swing dresses are 90% of my wardrobe, but sometimes I wake up and think 'I just want something easy, comfortable, but still fab' - enter Pink Clove. I adore this forest green colour and the fabric is so stretchy and comfy. I'm not usually one for wrap dresses but being a 'wrap bust' dress with the bottom half skater, makes this dress so easy to wear.

Upon further inspection this dress could easily be dressed up. The wrap at the top is adjustable, so you could have a little fun with it if you were to have a date ;) *Ahem*, moving on....I really like Pink Clove and their designs and range is ever growing. I also bought a ├╝ber sexy dress from them and will be sure to blog about that when I wear it.

I paired the dress with my 'snow boots'. I had only bought one other pair of snow boots before but they were so ugly I never wore them; so last year I decided I would buy cute ones I could actually wear all day without having to carry around a different pair to change into. I got these beauts from Dorothy Perkins ready for the snow to fall, and of course we didn't even get a hint of snow! Oh the irony.
Dress: Pink Clove
Cardigan & Leggings: South (via Very)
Boots & Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Also, I recently found out that due to changing my blog name, my Bloglovin' content, followers and stats, etc disappeared (Grrrr). So last week I had to delete my old profile and setup a new one. Sorry to my followers, but you can find my new profile here - look forward to seeing you over there :)

‘til next time you lovely lot!

Love and hugs,

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