Sunday, 10 November 2013

Plus London Three Aftermath – The dresses!

So when you’ve got a weekend like Plus London Three, you know as a blogger you have to make a bit of an effort but when you’re one of the organisers, you can’t pitch up in just anything! As Simply Be were our main sponsor, they were incredibly kind in offering to dress the organisers for the Saturday. We thought we’d have somewhat of a theme and decided we would use blue as a feature.

I headed over to the Simply Be website and saw the below dress. I loved the cut, the pattern and the sheer ‘V’ at the top so immediately picked that as my option. When I opened the package, I was so surprised at how soft the material was; it’s an almost leather/ wet-look dress so thought the material would be a little more abrasive than it was, but it was super soft and very comfy to wear all day:

Dress: Courtesy of Simply Be
Shrug: eBay
Tights: Boots
Belt and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Close-up of print <3

On Sunday we decided that ease and comfort was the way to go and for me, there is only one place to go for that – Lady Vintage London. Regular readers will already know how much I adore Lady V and I recently discovered my dress count is nearly in its 20s. It just goes to show though, once you find a place that fits your needs, why feel obliged to change?! I love how their dresses fit my body and I always feel great whenever I wear one (and that’s very often!):

Dress: Lady Vintage London (of course!)
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Boots
Uh-mazing Boots: eBay
Look how gorgeous! 
The incredible street art in the backyard of our venue

I love the contrast in both dresses and each were perfect choices for the days I wore them. Everyone looked amazing and there were a lot of “where’s that from??” conversations which is the ultimate compliment from anyone, but particularly a fellow blogger.

I hope you are all well and I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts about PL3 :)

‘til next time!

Love and hugs,

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