Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hydrating skin is for life, not just for summer

A little play on words there, but it’s true. Keeping the skin, particularly the face hydrated, is really important and as much as creams are a great way to treat the problem, I have found a friendly ally.
I bought M.A.C Mineralize - Skin Hydrating Mist during the summer with my lovely friend Sian (who also highly recommended it), and is mainly used as a way to keep makeup looking fresh after a long day; but I also found it a handy cooling device and was such a big help when it was hot. So I thought, maybe this could be a handy tool for winter, too? I decided to give it a try and for the past two weeks have carried this hydrating spray and used whenever I felt my skin becoming a little tight. Now, I’m not one for fads, and the idea of a water spray with a few minerals in it may seem extravagant, but this has been a huge help in just a fortnight. A couple of sprays an inch or two from the face and your skin will feel instantly refreshed and thankfully, the spray is very light so there's no walking around with a dripping face while you wait for it to dry.
So if you’re tired of having to pull out a bottle or tub of cream every time your skin feels the brunt of the bitter cold, I would highly recommend trying this fab hydrating spray. I’m always interested to see what other alternatives may be out there, so I will keep a look out for other blogs of this nature – you can never have too many options!

‘til next time!

Love and hugs,
Isha Reid

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