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Hydrating skin is for life, not just for summer

A little play on words there, but it’s true. Keeping the skin, particularly the face hydrated, is really important and as much as creams are a great way to treat the problem, I have found a friendly ally. I bought M.A.C Mineralize - Skin Hydrating Mist during the summer with my lovely friend Sian  (who also highly recommended it), and is mainly used as a way to keep makeup looking fresh after a long day; but I also found it a handy cooling device and was such a big help when it was hot. So I thought, maybe this could be a handy tool for winter, too? I decided to give it a try and for the past two weeks have carried this hydrating spray and used whenever I felt my skin becoming a little tight. Now, I’m not one for fads, and the idea of a water spray with a few minerals in it may seem extravagant, but this has been a huge help in just a fortnight. A couple of sprays an inch or two from the face and your skin will feel instantly refreshed and thankfully, the spray is ver

Liquid Foundation Success – FINALLY!

So this is a bit of a change for me because I’m going to talk about makeup. I did a shoot a good while ago now and the MUA, Al Philly , was amazing and incredibly lovely. She showed me ways to use makeup for my skin type I’d never thought of before. This rings true particularly with some of the colours used and when I expressed my surprise at how well the colours looked on my skin, Al said that it wasn’t about the colours, but how much was used and where. This blew my mind because as a woman of colour, there were certain colours I would never go near through fear of looking ridiculous. Makeup for black skin can be really tricky to get right and there is often a fine line between looking like a clown and looking as though you’re wearing a mask – I would of course want neither of these things, but also want to experiment slightly with different colours. It’s funny, because although I’m very much a girly girl (after living my teenage years being a tomboy and living in jea

The Perfect Storm

Hi guys, A few weeks ago I took a half day for really important business – to eat cake with Hanna ! Ideally, I would have taken an entire day to eat cake, but decided on this occasion that a half day would have to do ;p Unfortunately, as the day arrived, I wasn’t feeling very well so ended up getting a mere drink. The drink was yummy, but I was disappointed not to dive into the gorgeous looking cakes at Nordic Bakery . The dress I decided to wear for cake shenanigans was from  Lady Vintage London . This dress is a different cut to what I usually wear, but it’s the print that does it for me. I’ve named this post ‘The Perfect Storm’ because that’s exactly what the print looks like to me – beautiful whirlwinds, waves, with an array of blues and turquoise. I fell in love with the print online but the pictures on my Mac did not do the dress justice, and the pictures for this post probably don’t either, but it’s a stunning dress! Dress: Lady Vintage London Cardigan

Plus London Three Aftermath – The dresses!

So when you’ve got a weekend like Plus London Three , you know as a blogger you have to make a bit of an effort but when you’re one of the organisers, you can’t pitch up in just anything! As Simply Be were our main sponsor, they were incredibly kind in offering to dress the organisers for the Saturday. We thought we’d have somewhat of a theme and decided we would use blue as a feature. I headed over to the Simply Be website and saw the below dress. I loved the cut, the pattern and the sheer ‘V’ at the top so immediately picked that as my option. When I opened the package, I was so surprised at how soft the material was; it’s an almost leather/ wet-look dress so thought the material would be a little more abrasive than it was, but it was super soft and very comfy to wear all day: Saturday Dress: Courtesy of Simply Be Shrug: eBay Tights: Boots Belt and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Close-up of print <3 On Sunday we decided that ease and comfort wa