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Another one leaves the UK shores

Hi guys, This outfit is one from a little while back. My dear friend, Nadia, is Abu Dhabi bound with her husband, to continue to be a teacher. It’s a really exciting time for her and although I would do exactly the same if I had an opportunity like that, I’m a selfish pixie and want her to stay here! Anyways, we had a farewell dinner for her and this is what I wore. I’m finding myself having moments where black is my weapon of choice – it doesn’t happen often, but I love this Anna Scholz dress with its gorgeous gold bird design. I kept the gold theme going with the belt and sandals. The sun was playing peek-a-boo while taking these pics, which is why I had to do a headless close-up of the print: Dress:  Anna Scholz (via Simply Be ) Belt:  Vintage Cardigan:  South (via Very ) Sandals:   Dorothy Perkins Sunglasses: Spitalfields Market Pretty birds :) I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented via the blo

When a photo shoot is about more than just the pictures

There have been a few things that have made the last year and a bit, difficult. I have a life mantra: keep the legs pumping. This has been my life philosophy for as long as I can remember and it’s what has kept my head above water at the worst times. I am well aware that anything I might be going through is nothing in comparison to some others, so I have always tried to suppress whatever has been going on, believing that my “trivialities” were not worth worrying about or bugging other people with. It is only until very recently I have actually realised that my feelings are worthy of acknowledgment, that I have every right to be upset about things, and I was doing myself more damage by pretending I was ok when I wasn’t. I have Sian and a cluster of other wonderful friends to thank for this epiphany. They have no idea (until now, I guess) what their encouragement for me to feel what I was feeling and not feeling guilty about it, was ok, means – I’m so grateful to them fo

Simple Summer Dress

I really have struck gold this summer, with the dresses I have found tucked away in my wardrobe and perfect for this time of year. I bought this one a few years ago and had worn only once before. I wore this for an early dinner with a friend and some chatting in a nearby park. The print is really cute and simple: Dress:   Dorothy Perkins Belt:  Primark Cardigan:  South (via Very ) Sunglasses:  Camden Market Sandals:   Marks & Spencer A close-up of the print :) I’ve also been lucky enough to have some time off from work. A week (and a bit) really does fly by when you’re running around the gorgeous city. I’ve been to four exhibitions, caught up with friends, partook in a little shopping and most excitedly, had a photoshoot! I’ll dedicate an entire post to the photoshoot as I have so much to say and gush about, but I had a brilliant time and can’t wait to show you the pictures! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the last day of the weekend.