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Simply Be Wish-list

So, summer is still deciding whether it wants to arrive in London, so I thought while we wait, it would be good to share a few ideas which I think could work for sunning ourselves on the beach.

Simply Be have released a selection of swimwear, and these are some of my favourites:


Swimdresses are a great way to not only get the coverage you may want, but they’re also a great option for during the day. It can be such a hassle having to make multiple changes from beach to street, so having something that works for both occasions is great.

This is lovely. The ruching at the front is good for anyone conscience of their tummy and the bust-line is well sculpted to give support - all the work is done for you with foam fixed cups:

MAGISCULPT Flatter Me Swimdress
Doesn’t this look like a dress you could find on the high street?! That’s what I love about this. The colours are summery but subtle and they’re magic – if you’re slightly more conscience of your mid-section, they have built in powermesh for tummy control!  Another great thing about this particular design is that it comes in a longer length if you’re slightly taller.
I am slightly obsessed with polka dots (which will come as no surprise to people who read my blog regularly), so I instantly feel in love with this when I saw it. The dots are designed on the bust area, and is a halter. Halters are great for anyone wanting that added support and works well for those with a larger bust. It’s simple but with a cute twist:


If you’re looking for something to show off your lovely legs, you won’t go wrong with the following two.

I told you I’m obsessed with polka dots, right?! (haha) This is so perfect. This swimsuit has a full coverage polka dot pattern, which is why I love the breakage over the bust with the stripes and the red stings at either side. The massive plus with this is that it’s underwired – you get fully supported like a regular bra! The straps are also detachable, so you don’t have to worry if you want to sunbathe.

Sea by Melissa Odabash Blouson Swimsuit
This is a swimsuit which could easy be a two-in-one. The top half is a wrap design, which is great for the tummy, with built in foam cups for extra support. All you’d need to do is throw on a pair of shorts or light skirt for a perfect evening outfit! The colour is amazing too- great for the summer months :D

Gossard Superboost Swimsuit
The first thing I’ll say is look at the colours! This swimsuit screams summer and I love the plunge here. There is the option to not have the superboost, but I love the sexy option more ;) This is halter and underwired too – fabulous!

So those are my favourite pieces from the new range from Simply Be – I hope you like my wish-list and I look forward to seeing you all rock your favourite pieces!

Love and hugs,

NB: All images courtesy of Simply Be :)


  1. I love the Pour Moi? polka dot one! But then again I like anything with polka dots :-) Fab post - thanks for the tips! x

    1. Aw, thank you my lovely! I'm exactly the same with polka dots, can't get enough :p xx


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