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Finally, the perfect Jeans dress!

One of the many things I love about being a PSBlogger is the opportunity to expand my wardrobe with some of my favourite bloggers’ swag. When the gorgeous Dani , posted all her goodies on her blog sale page , I jumped at the chance to claim as many things as possible. One of those things was this amazing Jeans dress. Finding a Jeans dress for plus size, that doesn’t look like a sack, is like trying to find the Holy Grail! I made sure I snapped this up as soon as it was posted, and I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived. The fit is soooo good! My trouble is always my waist, being so small, I find it really difficult to find dresses to fit properly and usually, I use a belt to disguise anything ill fitted. On this occasion, I merely used a belt to give the dress a bit of an edge and to break up the denim. I paired this fab dress with a light cardigan, my adorable heart-shaped sunglasses, and the brightest sandals, ever! The colours are great, and turn this into a real

Dinner in Covent Garden

I’m never usually in Covent Garden. Despite its beauty, it’s such a tourist trap; but I headed there a couple of weeks ago, for a goodbye dinner. We went to MEATMarket, which is an American diner that is super cool and edgy – my kind of place! In hindsight, I should have taken some actual pictures of the interior, but instead took pictures of the food! This is what I wore. I bought this dress on eBay for pennies and the great thing I love so much about this is that it clings to my waist, which is something I have a real struggle with because my waist is so small. Anyways, I love the colour, but I’m trying to stop buying Blue dresses – I have so many polka dot and Blue dresses in my wardrobe! But this I had to buy, it’s a deep ocean Blue that goes really well with my skin tone. The shoes were a revelation. I took a rare trip to Primark in the lookout for a belt, but saw these shoes and feel in love, even more so when I tried them on - the comfort, oh the comfort!

Simply Be Wish-list

So, summer is still deciding whether it wants to arrive in London, so I thought while we wait, it would be good to share a few ideas which I think could work for sunning ourselves on the beach. Simply Be have released a selection of swimwear, and these are some of my favourites: Swimdresses- Swimdresses are a great way to not only get the coverage you may want, but they’re also a great option for during the day. It can be such a hassle having to make multiple changes from beach to street, so having something that works for both occasions is great. MAGISULPT Shaping Swimdress This is lovely. The ruching at the front is good for anyone conscience of their tummy and the bust-line is well sculpted to give support - all the work is done for you with foam fixed cups: MAGISCULPT Flatter Me Swimdress Doesn’t this look like a dress you could find on the high street?! That’s what I love about this. The colours are summery but subtle and they’re magic – if

Vintage Fun

Hi lovelies, If you’re a regular to this post, you’ll already know that I love vintage – I. REALLY. LOVE. VINTAGE! So I’m always on the look-out for new places to go and explore where I can find some fab items. I have two new favourite places: 21 st Retro Vintage, recommended by the ever wonderful Kirsty ; and Blitz London. I headed to 21 st Century Vintage a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed not only by how much stuff was crammed into every inch of the store, but also by the prices! The prices were incredible and there was so much I wanted to buy, but I was good and only bought two dresses. The dresses below cost a total of £8. Yes, £8 for two authentic vintage dresses! I couldn’t believe it – I think I’m still stunned: The Blue dress is my favourite one. The colour is gorgeous and I like the cut a lot. The next place, Blitz London is in my favourite part of London – Shoreditch, and is also a treasure chest of amazing vintage pieces. I really think

Scary Fun-day

Hi guys, This week I had the best scare day with friends! First, we went to The London Dungeons. I haven’t been there since I was at school (a very loooooong time ago), so was really excited to see what the new and improved Westminster branch was like. It was brilliant from start to finish, with scary stories, two thrill rides and a tour visiting the most gruesome characters in history. I would absolutely recommend going – we had a great time. Here are a few pics: We had a quick dinner at a lovely Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, before heading to the next scare stop – ‘The Woman in Black’ at the theatre. I loved the movie and wondered if I would enjoy the theatre version because obviously, the affects wouldn’t be the same. In fact, it was just as good because we were actually there, watching these wonderful actors play out a ghost story within reaching distance of the audience. Despite having the first act a little ruined by school children talking, I