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Sometimes a girl needs vinyl

One thing I love to do is go to record stores. Now, it’s important to note that I do not own a record player, so when I visit said stores it’s always for someone else. :/ I would *love* to own a player but they’re quite expensive and I’d literally have to rebuy everything I’ve ever bought (because what’s the point in spending all that money to play one or two records?!).

So last night I watched in envy as Kirsty and Lauren bought their vinyl swag. I pottered around the US Indies collections, Tom Waits, Punk girl bands and modern classics knowing full well I wouldn’t walk out with anything. It’s a tolerable kind of torture, plus who is going to turn their nose up at very cute boys playing records in store?! Not me!

Onto my outfit. It’s been really nice these past few days so I have slowly started to bring out my gorgeous swing dresses. The one I wore yesterday is from one of my favourite faux vintage dress (online) stores: Lady Vintage London. If you shop with them, I really advise you to read the rest of this post!

Dress: Lady Vintage London
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Boots
Shoes: Next

Closeup of dress print and belt (thanks Soph for taking my pics!)

I’ve been shopping with them for a while now, but unfortunately their sizes have changed. The reason I love their dresses so much is because they are (or were) the only place I could find dresses that fit me PERFECTLY! I have a relatively small waist compared to the rest of my body and the waist had always been perfect with Lady V.

I ordered a couple of dresses recently and when I tried them on, I realised they were a little snug. I’ve never had this problem before so thought it was quite odd. I’m quite anal, so I took one of my old dresses and placed a new dress on top. To my great surprise the new dress was literally 2-3 inches narrower! I sent an email to Lady V to enquire as to whether anyone else had this problem; and they confirmed my worst fear – they had indeed “reassessed” their sizing and had subsequently made the sizing of dresses smaller. Apparently, they had various comments from people stating the dresses were a little big for their liking….

I have no problem with sizing up (which is what I will have to do from now on), but especially when you’re plus size, it can be such a struggle to find things reasonably priced which fit like a glove – this was the one place that did this for me and now the dresses I order will be big on the waist. I always wear a belt so it’s not that big of a deal, but it is one more disappointment for plus size consumers.

 So ladies – it’s time to size up!

Oh one more thing, I now own my blog domain - joy, joy, joy!

'Til next time :)


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