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Sometimes a girl needs vinyl

One thing I love to do is go to record stores. Now, it’s important to note that I do not own a record player, so when I visit said stores it’s always for someone else. :/ I would *love* to own a player but they’re quite expensive and I’d literally have to rebuy everything I’ve ever bought (because what’s the point in spending all that money to play one or two records?!). So last night I watched in envy as Kirsty and Lauren bought their vinyl swag. I pottered around the US Indies collections, Tom Waits, Punk girl bands and modern classics knowing full well I wouldn’t walk out with anything. It’s a tolerable kind of torture, plus who is going to turn their nose up at very cute boys playing records in store?! Not me! Onto my outfit. It’s been really nice these past few days so I have slowly started to bring out my gorgeous swing dresses. The one I wore yesterday is from one of my favourite faux vintage dress (online) stores: Lady Vintage London . If you shop w

Photoshop fun in the sun!

Hi guys, Hope you’re all doing fabulously! Sunday was such a gorgeous day, so I was happy to arrange an outing with the gorgeous Hanna . She so kindly agreed to help me with editing photos, as I’m currently working on something I hope to tell you all about soon. It’s nothing life changing, but just in case it doesn’t happen, I don’t really want to indulge too much. Watch this space….anyways, the workshop went well, and I can’t wait to get to work! Hanna is also an angel because I was in a really foul mood – people can just be *insert agitated description here*, but she put up with me nonetheless, and took my outfit picture. I have this dress in three colours: Blue, White, and Flower patterned, and it’s perfect for this kind of weather. It’s light, well ventilated and has pockets! I’ve had these dresses for a couple of years now, so you won’t be able to get them, but there are so many lovely summer dresses around you’re bound to kind something similar: D

Polka, Polka!

So I’m pretty much always in a dress. There are loads of variations in the type of dresses I wear, but one of my favourite patterns is the fabulous Polka Dot. I adore Polka dots and have many dresses of varying styles, colours, lengths, etc – all in Polka dot. It screams vintage to me and you know I love my vintage! This gem was found while looking through the ASOS website for…..yes, dresses! The shape of this is cool with the zip at the front, and the little cute pockets. I’m not usually one for wearing anything without covering my arms, but this dress has just enough sleeve for me to feel comfortable. It’s light, airy and perfect for this season. With one of my ever trusted cardigans :) Dress: ASOS Cardigan: South (via Very) Belt: Camden Market Tights: Boots Shoes: Next Good length sleeves here - just enough for comfort if you don't like your upper arms The pockets are super cute! I wore this for my girl date with my great p