Thursday, 28 March 2013

OMG, No dress in sight!

The title of this blog post is quite ept. I hardly ever wear anything other than a great dress. I live in dresses and to some, it may seem boring, but to be frank, I don’t care; dresses are my style and I’m unapologetic about it (because surely that’s what a personal blog should be about?!).

However, I do like to break from my nom on occasion, and this outfit post is one of those occasions. I went to dinner a couple nights ago with the ever lovely, Hanna. We headed to a lovely Italian restaurant and ate like the little piglets we are ;p.

I found this skirt while looking through the Next online sale earlier this year. It’s something I would never normally wear because it’s hardly shy and retiring, but I thought it was really great and I loved the colours. Next is known for being quite pricy, but I got this skirt for £8! Total bargain. With skirts of this nature, it would be the norm to pair it with a black top, but I didn’t want to do that; so I paired the skirt with burgundy. The top is very light and isn’t too strong a colour to take the focus away from the skirt – I really like this look.

NB: I’ve decided that looking down is the way I like to pose at the moment. I’m not really photogenic, which doesn’t particularly bother me, but finding a pose to suit and one which makes me feel comfortable, is key with a blog like this – I’ve found mine….for now. Also, thanks to Hanna for taking my pics! :)

Skirt: Next (on sale)
Top: Next
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Tights: Boots
Shoes: So Fabulous (via Very)

Side note: I’ve been doing my regular M.I.A thing with social network – Twitter, Facebook and the like, are not on my agenda currently. I like to take a few days, or sometimes a week or so just to assess things without looking at these things. I know it’s not for everyone, but I like my sanity and a break is what I need (other than posting about this blog post, obvs!). I’m sure I’ll be back on it properly, next week….at some point.

Hope you’re all well - ‘til next time folks :)


Sunday, 17 March 2013

WoW, music and a great dress – pretty awesome!

So it has been a rather long time since I last blogged, but here’s a little update as to what I’ve been up to:

Last Sunday, I participated in a panel discussion at WoW Festival. The festival is held at the Southbank Centre and it’s a great event. The organisers always have a packed schedule and the talks vary across the board; but the talk I was involved with was about Feminism and Fat Activism. I was alongside the amazing Dr Caroline Walters and Dr Charlotte Cooper (chaired by Corinna Tomrley). It was such a wonderful experience! I’d never done anything like this before, so I was so scared and actually drafted an email thanking the organisers for the invite, but declining said invite.

You see, I’ve been blogging less than a year and I really didn’t think it was my place to participate in something so many others had been involved in for so long. I spoke to the ever amazing @kiddotrue, and shared my concerns with her. She was so encouraging and implored me to believe in myself, my ability to do a good job, and to do the psblogger world, justice. With her advice, I deleted my drafted email and instead, sent an email saying yes!

I’m so glad I did, and the below video is the end result. We only had an hour so we weren't really able to get into certain subjects as in depth as we may have wanted to, but we did manage to bring up some really important points for people to go away with and think about. Hopefully there is something similar next year with a longer talk and a bigger room. 

I just want to thank WoW, Caroline, Charlotte and Corinna for begin so awesome and taking care of me – for believing in me! I also want to extend a *huge* thank you to everyone who made the effort to come down and support us. I cannot overstate how much seeing a packed room meant to us - seriously, it was standing or sitting on the floor, once everyone was in AND people had to be turned away! It is the best thing I’ve done so far in regards to my blogging. I stumbled my way through my answerss, but on the whole, I’m really proud of myself and hope to do more things like this in the future.

[Side note: I messed up question three. In my last point, I said people should wear how they wish to be treated. This is of course not what I meant! What I meant to say was that people should wear what they choose to wear. :/ Also, you'll need to skip the first minute or so due to tech problems.]

You can watch the video here. :)

I wanted to wear something bright and colourful. I wanted to prove a point that you can wear whatever you want no matter what your size! This dress was very popular when Simply Be released it - it was everywhere and on every blog. I decided to wait until the craze had subsided and thought this was the perfect event. I killed two birds with one stone with this dress as I also wore this to see Sigur Ros:

Dress: Simply Be
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Boots

In other news, I had two of the best concert experiences last week. Sigur Ros are one of my favourite bands but I’d never seen them live, so of course had to get a ticket when their UK tour was announced. They played three straight nights at O2 Academy Brixton and were brilliant. I thought at first, it was an odd choice for them to play, but the acoustics were perfect. I was way too engrossed to take a bunch of pictures, but here’s one from the beginning:


Next up was Olafur Arnalds (oh how I love him). He played at the Barbican with an orchestra and a string quartet (I forget the names, sorry), and the night was magical. He played his new album ‘For Now I am Winter’, before playing some from his back catalogue; but the night was made when he played ‘Lag fyrir Ömmu’. He had his parents in the crowd and the song was written for his grandmother upon her passing. He made a lovely, heartfelt tribute and had everyone in tears. It was a privilege to be there – here’s a picture of him just before the concert started:

Too cute! :')

I also managed to visit the Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern. I enjoyed it but I have a tendency to think exhibitions should go on for days, so was disappointed when I got to the end. He’s known for his bold colours: Red, Yellow and Blue; but my favourite piece was a very subtle painting. I forget the name (my memory is appalling!) but it was a never-ending ocean with a little boat floating in the bottom left hand corner….anyways, it was very enjoyable so would recommend.

Well that’s about it folks. Thanks for your patience in regards to my inability to update my blog more regularly.

Love and hugs!