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Desaparecidos Assemble

So last night was a thrill and a half, because I saw Desaparecidos, live. This was great because I have a lil' crush in Mr. Oberst, so spending the evening in his company was no problem.

I love every one of his pies –
* Bright Eyes
* Desaparecidos
* Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band
* Conor Oberst, and
* Monsters of Folk

I remember hearing Conor for the first time as a tween, when my then friend, played this little vinyl called ‘Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby’. From my recollection, it was an import copy and sounded awful; but there was an instant love for his lyrical content – for someone so young, I found the maturity, honesty and vulnerability, wonderful and relatable. I’ve been in love with his music ever since and always try to catch him when he plays live….

I got to the venue a little late, so I wasn't as close to the front in the beginning; but being pixie height meant I was able to burrow my way closer to the front :D The crowd were mainly tall hipster boys, but seriously, the high pitched squeals that came when the band walked on stage, would have rivalled any tween girl, at a One Direction concert! It was adorable, actually (and a little amusing to be honest!).

There were a few girls, too - just wish I could have gotten closer to one of them, just to high five! 

I'm always unsure what to wear to gigs like this, so I went with something simple. You can't go wrong with a polka dot dress, so that's what I went with:
I look a little grumpy here, but it'd been one of "those" mornings :/

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Camden Market
Cardigan: South (via Very)
Tights: M&S
Ankle boots: ASOS

A close-up of my fabulous 'Betty Boop' necklace (an eBay purchase)

All in all, it was a fab night - I arrived grumpy but looking presentable, and left elated but soaked through from all the dancing. Come back soon Conor!

'til next time folks :)



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