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My first trip to Dublin :D

This is a rather long post, but last week was pretty cool. On Friday I jumped on a plane and headed to Dublin.   Despite only being an hour away, it was my very first trip to Dublin and the place is beautiful! I landed and headed to the City Centre, right next to Trinity College, and went on the hunt for food. We went to the fabulous Alfie’s , on South Williams Street. The food was soooooo good: And this is what I wore for the day: Dress: Dorothy Perkins Cardigan: South (via very) Belt: Dorothy Perkins Tights: Marks and Spencer Shoes: So Fabulous (via Very) We did a lot of walking and window-shopping, before heading back home to relax. On Saturday, we took the Dublin bus trip. The weather was quite windy, but we headed to the back, so we would have better photo opportunities. The tour took us all around the City and the surrounding areas, including where the president lives (very fancy as you can imagine!). The weather took a turn for

Desaparecidos Assemble

So last night was a thrill and a half, because I saw Desaparecidos, live. This was great because I have a lil' crush in Mr. Oberst, so spending the evening in his company was no problem. I love every one of his pies – * Bright Eyes * Desaparecidos * Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band * Conor Oberst, and * Monsters of Folk I remember hearing Conor for the first time as a tween, when my then friend, played this little vinyl called ‘Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby’ . From my recollection, it was an import copy and sounded awful; but there was an instant love for his lyrical content – for someone so young, I found the maturity, honesty and vulnerability, wonderful and relatable. I’ve been in love with his music ever since and always try to catch him when he plays live…. I got to the venue a little late, so I wasn't as close to the front in the beginning; but being pixie height meant I was able to burrow my way closer to the front :D  The

Granny dresses are the best!

Just a quick one from me. Today, I visited lovely Hanna , to hang, eat lasagne and take some outfit pictures. Now, because the weather was so appalling and because I’m lame, I literally brought the clothes I was wearing – one of my gorgeous granny dresses. I swear, they are the best, myself and Rachel are in agreement on this. They’re great throughout the year and can be dressed up or down. I found this gem, in a charity shop and snapped it up for pennies. I love charity shopping and thrift stores, there are always good bargains around if you’re patient enough to look:   Close-up of print :) Dress: Charity Shop Cardigan: South (via Very) Tights: Boots Shoes: Dorothy Perkins I'll have a more detailed post on Tuesday, as I'm off to see the wonderful Conor Oberst and the rest of the Desaparecidos fellows, tomorrow night - cannot wait! 'til next time folks. :) xxx

Getting my thrift on, in the East :)

So yesterday, I went on a road trip with my fabulous friend, Shel. We went to the The East End Thrift Store for their 'fill a bag' sale. The gist of it was to fill either a small bag for £10, or a big bag for £20.  I found a few treasures there and walked away with a huge bag, full of clothes. Shel also managed to throw her finds in with mine - all for the bargain price of £20! Here’s a little peak at my gold: I *adore* vintage dresses (especially when they're granny dresses!). The colour and the print are lovely. You can't go wrong with a tweed blazer, and there were many on display. This is the one I got. I also managed to find a jumpsuit that needs to be altered a little; and a skirt, which I'm going to put an elastic waist on. I will no doubt show you those, when I've worked my magic (or more likely, have had someone else to do it for me. ;p) I wanted to wear something that I could throw myself around in, in comfort, but sti