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2013 ‘To-Do List’

Happy New Year guys! I’ve been totally M.I.A from social media for a little while and it was a good break. Twitter and Facebook are fun and all, but sometimes you just need to remove yourself and actually do something other than check your phone every two minutes or stare at your computer screen. It’s essential for me, and I’ll continue to take a few days off here and a week or so off there, in the year 2013 :)

Now, I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. I just think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, if you do not do these things you’ve somehow failed?! I don’t think that’s a very healthy way to start a brand new year, so instead of resolutions, I make a ‘to-do’ list. It’s a list of things I’d like to do, or plan to do- I’m going to share mine with you; there’ll be practical and personal things:

Start finishing my writing projects:
I cannot overstate how much writing means to me. I adore writing and it’s a huge part of my life- my head is always full of ideas. The downside to this is I tend to leave things unfinished. I’m not procrastinating in regards to my novel, because that will take years to finish and I intend to take my time and make it amazing. I’m talking about the short stories I’ve started or the pages of brainstorming I have tucked away in my draw. I need to just finish stuff! I also started a self -assigned dissertation last year- it’s half done but when it is done, I think it’ll be a really good read. I never show anyone my writing, but the subject matter is so interesting, that I may just have to share it….we’ll see though :/

Do more travelling in regards to my photography:
I don’t mean jumping on a plane every two months, I mean jumping on a bus or tube and going to different places to go shooting. I tend to stick to the same haunts and as much I love said places, I know there’s more out there. Spring and Summer are wonderful times in the year for this, with bright colours, happy people, beautiful scenery, and blue skies; so I plan to make the most of it. I love pottering around with my various cameras and plan to do more of it- much more.

Blog more:
I simply didn’t blog much last year. I love to blog but I was tentative as to what I thought I should post, as opposed to what I wanted to post. I touched on this briefly in my ‘End of Year’ post, where I talked about how ironic it was that my favourite posts of last year were those not based on clothes. They were commentary posts I enjoyed writing, and I want to do more of it…whether that means creating another blog purely for commentary posts, or incorporating commentary posts with my fashion blog, I haven’t decided yet. As much as I love it, there is more to life than posting pictures of myself in various outfits, and I have so much to say….I’ll figure it out.

Work on my bag making:
Last year, I started to make bags, but it was a very seasonal thing. I spent the Summer months making bags and set up a stall with a friend in Camden. As soon as the sun went away, I stopped making them. So, this year I plan to spend more time on designing and making bags. I’m not very good at the moment in truth, so want to get better and add another string to my bow.

OK, those were the practical things, now onto the personal-

Stop being a Twitter scardey cat!:
Again, I talked about this briefly in my previous post. When I created my Twitter account, I talked to everyone and was very enthusiastic; but being ignored, regardless of how secure you are within yourself, is not fun. So, instead of returning the favour to those who chose not to bother, I stopped talking to everyone. It was poor form on my part because I let a handful of people affect the way I conversed with others- I will not do that again. I just need to be a bit more brave with it and talk to people I genuinely like on there. Starting……..NOW! ;p

Let go:
No, this is not an Avril Lavigne reference, but this is something I’m appalling at. I just need to stop and realise that I’m a good person and shouldn’t need to wrap myself around people to keep them in my life. I need to let go of the people who I may love and care about, but who do not either feel the same and/or quite simply cannot be bothered to make the effort. I’m talking in regards to all relationships which we all experience: friends, family, significant others, etc. I’ve wasted so much time on people who do not/have not deserved it and I’m getting old! If you’re the only one putting in the effort to maintain a relationship or friendship, you need to do what I’m doing- sustaining takes a lot of work and should never be one way.

I’m taking this new stance from the inspirational YouTube video from Franceta Johnson, entitled ‘Confidence’ (I again referred to this video in my previous post). Part of her advise is if you have to make a vast effort to get a little appreciation for the person you are- you need to move on. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m move, move, moving on (I have one more thing to do, but after that I’ll do this!!!!).

Ok, done. That’s a very productive, honest and hopeful list of things ‘to-do’, and I’m happy with that. I look forward to reading your various blogs and seeing what’s on your ‘to-do’ lists : )

Love and hugs,


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