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‘Gangster Squad’ Girl Date!

Hi guys, It's been a little while since I've blogged and I must apologise. I just had the worst week last week, so wasn't overly concerned with blogging. I'm feeling a lot better though and hope to be back to my best in no time. :) Tonight was a thrill because not only did I get to see one of my best friends, Rosie, I also got to spend a few hours with my movie husband - Ryan Gosling! Anyone who has had the misfortune of meeting me, will no doubt vouch to being talked at, at length, about Ryan Gosling (sorry folks); so when his new movie 'Gangster Squad' came out, I of course had to check it out. So myself and lovely Rosie, had dinner, then made our way to the cinema. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. I'm not really one for Gangster/Mob movies (I could quite possible scratch your eyes out if you bring anything of that ilk, near me), but I really enjoyed it. The fact that the movie has a dream

Evans Shape Studio Event

Hi guys, So on Thursday, I was lucky enough to head to the Evans Shape Studio Event. It was a great opportunity to meet some bloggers I hadn’t met before; it’s always great to meet the people whose blogs you love reading. The lovely and gorgeous Hanna and Caroline took really good care of me, and we may or may not have had pizza afterwards ;p The studio was full of fantastic clothes, shoes and accessories. There was also a professional photographer, who was there to take pictures of anyone who wanted to have their own little fashion show - I was not brave enough to do this, but it was so fun to see everyone else have such a great time. I wanted to look presentable so turned to my faithful, Lady Vintage London . Their dresses are so beautiful, well made, value for money and comfortable. I accessorised with my favourite belt at the moment and I made sure to get a close-up of the detail (big thanks to Hanna, for taking my picture!): Dress: Lady Vintage Lond

Make-up session for Plus Size Tall

Hi guys, Just a short, but rather fabulous one from me. Last week I did a make-up article for Plus Size Tall . It was about how to do make-up for darker skin, for the daytime and after work drinks. Screen shot is below, but you can read the full article here . Love and hugs, Isha xxx

Picnic anyone?

You know when you’re browsing and come across something so weird but fabulous, you just have to have it? Well this skirt is exactly that. I was on the ASOS website a couple years ago and saw this gem of a skirt in the sale section. Some of you may think I should have quite frankly left it there, but I absolutely love it! I proudly call this my picnic blanket skirt and tend to wear it during winter; it’s so warm against the cold and very comfortable. I didn’t want to detract from the skirt, so kept the rest of the outfit black, with a pop of colour from the scarf. A close-up of the pattern in all its fabulousness! Skirt: ASOS Cardigan: South (via Very) Top: Topshop Scarf: Dorothy Perkins Shoes: Dorothy Perkins So glad the Christmas and New Year shenanigans are over. It’s nice to have a normal routine again (other than having to go back to work, obvs!). ‘Til next time folks :) Love and hugs, Isha xxx

2013 ‘To-Do List’

Happy New Year guys! I’ve been totally M.I.A from social media for a little while and it was a good break. Twitter and Facebook are fun and all, but sometimes you just need to remove yourself and actually do something other than check your phone every two minutes or stare at your computer screen. It’s essential for me, and I’ll continue to take a few days off here and a week or so off there, in the year 2013 :) Now, I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. I just think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, if you do not do these things you’ve somehow failed?! I don’t think that’s a very healthy way to start a brand new year, so instead of resolutions, I make a ‘to-do’ list. It’s a list of things I’d like to do, or plan to do- I’m going to share mine with you; there’ll be practical and personal things: Start finishing my writing projects: I cannot overstate how much writing means to me. I adore writing and it’s a huge part of my life- my head is always full